Moondraam Ullaga Por

Moondraam Ullaga Por

3.2 170 Ratings

Directed by : Sugan Kartthi

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Moondraam Ullaga por :(English: Third world war) is a 2014 Tamil-language Indian political drama- film written and directed by Sugan kartthi.


“Do yourself a favour and avoid this film!”

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Sunil Kumar


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Come back strong next time.

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Moondram Ulaga Por, the title and the promo materials promised a war based film like Battlefield in tamil but the film is something no way near to what they promised.

The hero, being an Indian soldier is caught by the Chinese camp and is put into so many torchures inorder to let them know where their soldiers have been kept in India. Does he reveal them ? Does he escape ? What do they do to him ? are answered in the film.

Kudos to the makers for the effort in making a patriotic film.

On the flip side, all the efforts seem amature and doesnot evoke even a bit of patriotism. The film on the whole could have been much much better.

Wishing they come back strong next time.