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Moondraam Ullaga Por

Moondraam Ullaga Por

3.1 174 Ratings

Directed by : Sugan Kartthi

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  • MJ Rating 1.2/5
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Moondraam Ullaga por :(English: Third world war) is a 2014 Tamil-language Indian political drama- film written and directed by Sugan kartthi.


“Do yourself a favour and avoid this film!”

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Sunil Kumar


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One of the worst movies ever made

Rated 0.5 / 5

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You won't often come across a movie like Moondram Ulaga Por. Well, is this could be really called a movie or 105 minutes of torture? Throughout the film, the protagonist has been shown getting tortured by Chinese military but how I wish the director also captures how audiences underwent horrible torture by watching his amateurish film.

Even a fifteen year old teen, who is exposed to some good quality films won't make such a horrible film and it's really sad that the director has absolutely no skill to hold the attention of the audiences and the whole project is such a mess.

There are dialogues after dialogues in the film, which is sure to test audience's patience. If someone, who couldn't control his temper, happens to watch the film, I'm sure he will burn the whole theater down. So theater owners, please be careful and to your luck, I did some yoga and meditation to get rid of this nightmare!

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