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3.2 287 Ratings

Directed by : Jeevan

Release Date : | Length : 112 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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A Different Love Story ever watched.


“A senseless attempt at romantic movies.”

Mosakutty Audience Review

Unusual movie and story

Rated 2.0 / 5

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The poster of Mosakutti is a bit bleak, which prepares you for the highs and lows of this dramatic love story. Directed by M Jeevan, a protegee of Ram Gopal Varma is also a dead giveaway for a dud. But all is not lost.

Mossakki is an unemployed youth played by Veera, a character of great courage, a big heart that loves fully, and a bit of a badass. He manages to get involved with the wrong sort and falls in love with the newcomer, Mahima and now they are on the run to save their lives. Set in different parts of Tamil Nadu, Madurai and Dindigul, and then in the action packed second half of the film set in Kerala.

The movie is long, painful, and overtly dramatic, with the classic elements of Tamizh melodrama, and of course the house specialty of Kollywood - action-packed stunt sequences. Along with the protagonists we also see anew refreshing character in the form of Sentrayan, an actor to look out for in the future. And of course the familiar face of the wicked Bhaskaran this time speaking a beautiful Tamil tinted Malayalam and Pasupathy with his aura always makes things bearable.

Do not watch Mossakutti, it is a film trying to straddle the line between art and mass, but by posturing as an intelligent movie. And it is this bloated sense of importance that tests your patience.

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