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Mouna Guru

Mouna Guru

3.5 75 Ratings

Directed by : Santha Kumar

Release Date : | Length : 153 Minutes

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Mouna Guru is the story of Karunakaran, a college boy who always finds it difficult to adjust with the society that he lives in. He often ends up creating trouble for himself because of his uncontrollable anger. His unpredictable behaviour becomes a constant worry for his mother and brother. He is forced to leave his home tow...more

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Mouna Guru - Guru of Silence

Rated 3.5 / 5

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A film getting re-released after a lukewarm response is a rare phenomenon. Last time I remember seeing Chithiram Pesudhadi doing that, way back in 2006. Now that Mouna Guru has once again proved that a gripping story with an intelligent screenplay and narration would hook the audiences irrespective of the star power.

Debutant director Shantakumar has delivered an ace with a no non-sense storyline and an intelligent plot laced with some brilliant casting and characterization.

The story is about Karunagaran (Arul Nidhi), a college student in Madurai, who is an introvert by nature and has an unconventional take on things. Sour circumstances drive him to Chennai along with his mother, where he gets entangled unceremoniously in some messy affairs involving the corrupt officials in the police department. The rest of the story is how he blows away the cobwebs around him.

Arulnidhi has got a tailor made role, which requires some subtle acts and minimal performance; though he has shown some intensity in the way he has approached and carried his role throughout the movie.

One of the most surprising performances came from Uma Riyaz who portrayed the role of Palani Amma, the pregnant lady cop. She has delivered a power packed performance with flair. Her way of investigation, moving around with the bump and waiting at the doctors clinic without much fuss, to name a few, all added to the strength of her character and certainly calls for praise. I wont be surprised if she bags the national award for best supporting artist.

Iniya as Arulnidhis love interest does the conventional girl-next-door stuff, but looks refreshing. Though she had little scope to perform, she had her expressions in place and struck the right chord.

John Vijay, as the evil cop, oozed unholy grimace most of the times. His satirical dialog delivery, at times raised laughter. He is definitely an actor of substance who had a menacing job to do and did it with conviction.

The others in the cast including Arulnidhis mom, the police officials, principal of the college and the doctor in the mental asylum have played their part with panache and have sailed through the movie with ease.

Technically the film was edited in a slick manner. Music by Thaman is not worthy enough to mention since all songs acted as speed breakers. Cinematography by Maheh Muthusamy was pleasing for the eyes and at the same time travelled along the story with brilliant choice of colours and lighting.

Overall, the movie can be watched for some brilliant performances and edge of the seat narration with an intelligent plot. After all, these have become a rarity in Kollywood in recent times.

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