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Mudhal Idam

Mudhal Idam

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Directed by : R. Kumaran

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Mudhal Idam is a drama movie directed by R. Kumaran and stars Vidharth in the lead role

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Rated 0.5 / 5
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Mudhal Idam - A bad film caught in a time warp!

If one wonders why did a reputed film company like AVM financed a film like this, the answer is that AVM has funded many bad films (particularly after the demise of Mr. A V Meiyappa Chettiar) and this is just another one.

The film is far from contemporary. Except for usage of mobile phones and SUVs, the film seems to have been written in the late 80s and shot with the same mind set (this would have been 'B' grade even then).

The film, set in Thanjavur, is about Yamakunju (?) alias Mahesh (Vidharth), a drifter who lives off his mom's earnings, hangs out with three similar guys, indulges in petty fights and aspires to be like Karuppu Balu (Kishore), the biggest rowdy in town.
Yamakunju falls for a local school girl (new find Kavitha Nair) who reciprocates without much fuss. While Yamakunju's mom (Kalairani) is thrilled, the heroine's father (Ilavarasu) is completely is against it.
There is a parallel track about a scramble over an MLA seat involving two warring factions, each one trying to kill the other. And the hero gets involved in the melee.
The film predictably ends with all the bad guys getting eliminated and the hero getting his girl. And in the end, with great difficulty, the films title is justified as well.

This is a clear case of bad writing. The first 45 minutes of the film meander establishing none of the tracks clearly. The romance part of the movie is highly uninspiring with both the main leads indulging in some clumsy hugging and foreplay in the song sequences. Every character is a filmy stereotype a wastrel of a hero, his doting mother, the heroine who falls for the rowdy hero, the baddies covering town in SUVs, one good cop and the other bad cops, and the list can go on. All successfully make the filmappear dated. Even the short flashbacks, which are meant to add drama to the narrative, do not add any value.

Vidharth just jumps over from 'Mynaa' sets into this films sets. He looks almost the same and his styling doesnt change even in the song sequences. He is not bad in action scenes but pathetic in romantic sequences. He, getting all dreamy with a stupid grin on his face, is comical. He completely spoils all the expectations his 'Mynaa' debut had created. The heroine appears confident but doesn't quite impress. Her standard expressions get boring after a point. Kalairani and Ilavarasu seriously need different roles. Kishore is completely wasted. Mayilsamy and Appukutty are passable. Manobala, in a small role, irritates.

Music sounds 'ok' on screen, but, you forget them the minute the songs are over. And the picturisation of these songs is highly unimaginative. Other departments need no mention. Nobody's worked hard.

May be AVM wanted to invest in a small film and make some quick money. They should start investing time in listening to better scripts.

Strictly avoidable!

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