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Kanchana 2 (Ganga- Muni 3)

Kanchana 2 (Ganga- Muni 3)

3.1 6,268 Ratings

Directed by : Lawrence Raghavendra

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Lawrence stars in Kanchana 2, in which he has also roped in Taapsee and also will introduce his own brother Vino, who will shake a leg for the intro song. To make the film more entertaining and blood-tingling, Raghava Lawrence has supposedly given the ghost, appearing in this film, six different forms.


“Not the best in the franchise,but entertaining and spooky enough to win you over.”

Kanchana 2 (Ganga- Muni 3) Credit & Casting

Lawrence Raghavendra

Kanchana 2 (Ganga- Muni 3) Audience Review

Kanchana 2 movie review

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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After giving 2 decent horror comedy entertainers, Lawrence is back with Kanchana2, which is more or less based on the same template as Muni and Kanchana. There are only subtle differences but the entertainment factor was high and expectations were sky rocketing. Actor Lawrence was quite good but director Lawrence could have been more innovative with the basic script, which was way too predictable but the execution was bang on target. So no complaints, absolutely.

Kanchana2 is similar to Kanchana in its basic plot. Someone gets killed, they become ghost, haunt somebody, get into their body, bully them and take revenge on the actual culprits. This is what we are seeing in all ghost films past 100 years. But here the ghost gets into.. Wait.. Go watch the movie to know more. There are a bit of chills and thrills in the 1st half but its more a flashback and a revenge oriented 2nd half. There is an abundant amount of humor all over the movie, especially in the most serious scenes, which makes the movie more entertaining. 2nd half is more focussed on the ghost bullying everybody and humor extracted from it. Not many genuine scary moments.

Screenplay by Lawrence was too good, though is lagged in the 2nd half, we will come to that in a moment. But I liked the way he planned the events. The movie moved smoothly. Perfectly written situational humor and horror sequences. Though some scenes were predictable, they were professionally scripted. Nothing looked staged or cliched. But the 2nd half dragged a bit with a lengthy flashback and revenge scenes. Climax was again racy though. Overall, Kanchana2 is a decent revamp of Kanchana's script with new cast and technicalities.

Everything has to be in sync in a horror film to give a thrilling feeling. Music and BGM was good and loud. 2 fast numbers and 2 melodious songs were good but a romantic song in 2nd half's flashback was a speed breaker. BGM gave that eerie feeling and helped in getting into the scene. Cinematography was top class. The camera angles and framing was good. The night scenes were well shot and color tone maintained gave a dark feeling, perfectly suited for a horror film. Editing was the only culprit. The cuts were abrupt and sharp. Runtime of 160 minutes seemed a bit lengthy, especially in the 2nd half. A cut here and there would have made the 2nd half more gripping.

Kanchana2 is loaded with some excellent performances. We have seen Lawrence's acting capabilities before but the surprise package was Tapsee. She was excellent in an important role. And what a performer Nithya Menen is, she expressed a wide array of expressions and emotions in the 2nd half. Of course, kovai sarala took care of the comedy track along with Lawrence. Others too performed according to their character. Performance wise, Kanchana2 is a neat film.

Overall, Kanchana2 is a decent sequel to Kanchana, though there is no connection. The basic plot is the same but the performances were pretty good. 1st half races to the interval with adequate amount of horror and humor scenes. 2nd half drags a bit with a lengthy flashback. And the ghost ridden Lawrence take revenge in the climax, which was quick. There will be Muni4 as well and hoping Lawrence to come out the this ghost-taking-revenge template and make a different horror comedy film. He is one of the directors, who can make an entertaining horror comedy where many failed in this genre.

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