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3.3 61 Ratings

Directed by : Rajjan Madhav

Release Date : | Length : 103 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Murans story revolves around two contrasting characters and gives an account of the incidents that take place after they meet each other.

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Slick and Suave Thriller!

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Muran (Conflict)

Genre: Thriller

Touted as a road thriller, Muran was promoted aggressively by UTV creating some good pre-release buzz through offline and online media. But, has the film lived up to its reputation? Lets see...

The movie unfolded with a clear focus, right from the introduction of the lead characters, their confluence, how one gets influenced with another's story and then a spicy twist which leads to the climax.

A toast to the debut director Rajan Madhav for taking the road less traveled. He has managed to create a thriller out of a wafer thin story-line with mere screen play and some twists which packs the punch.

Though one could feel a bit weary in the first half, the proceedings started to gain momentum just ahead of intermission and there was no stopping till the climax.

Another intelligent move was to utilize the songs to take the movie forward by interlacing some scenes with them. Though the music was below average, one cannot do away with the songs as it was essential to follow the flow. Otherwise, a very ordinary music debut by the director's sibling, Sajjan Madhav.

The biggest strength of the movie was Prasanna, who was menacing as the suave and stylish brat, who was spoilt till the last bit. He had an electric screen presence and certainly compensated for Cheran's below average performance. Post this, lets at least hope that Prasanna gets spotted by our industry heavy weights and will have a new lease of life in his career.

Haripriya as Cheran's 'best friend' turned lover was refreshing to watch and had a terrific screen presence. She could have been utilized even more.

Nikitha Tukral as Cheran's wife has managed to put up a decent show as an arrogant witch, though she had little scope to perform.

Jayaprakash as a business tycoon was aptly cast.

Technically the movie was groovy. Camera, by Padmesh, which traveled through the highway had captured the grandeur of the golden quadrilateral with panache. Editing by Arun Durairaj, had managed to grip the audiences to their seats and added a slickness to the story telling with elan.

After leaving the theater, one cannot help but question the believability of the script which has its own flaws which was the only weakness that I was able to spot.

Overall, the movie was a neat thriller on a platter spiced up with some satirical humor and a brilliant performance from Prasanna, which makes the movie worth a watch.

Verdict: Worth a Watch!

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