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Muthina Kathirikai

Muthina Kathirikai

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Muthina Kathirikai is a political satire film directed by Venkat and produced by Kushboo. A remake of the successful Malayalam film Vellimoonga, the film features Sundar C., Poonam Bajwa and Sathish in the lead roles

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Muthina Kathirikai Review- Poor Man's remake of Vellimoonga

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Ok, Sundar C is back as a hero in this poor man's remake of the malayalam hit film Vellimoonga. The movie is about Muthupandi and his efforts to make big in politics. On the way, he falls in love with a young girl called Maya, who is almost half his age or could be even an age of his daughter, if he had one. And the twist in the tale is that this Maya is the daughter of his ex crush Madhavi. So you get the picture right? ok. So how he progresses in his personal and political life is all about Muthina Katrika, which is an apt title and well played by Sundar C.

The screenplay lacked interest and its not a well made remake. Commercially the film looks ok with decent amount of humor and glamour but its never gripping and moved at a slow pace. First, the screenplay could have been a bit more gripping and then it could have had some current trending scenes. Because, it looked really outdated and yawn worthy at lot of places. Music and cinematography was pretty good. Editing could have been better to make it more watch worthy.

Sundar C was good and perfect for this kind of role. He took care of the comedy track along with VTV Ganesh and Singam Puli. Poonam Bajwa looked like a Muthina Katrika too, though she played a character thats quite young. She didnt have much role to play in the movie. Sathish was good in some scenes, except for his dummy mustache. Overall, Muthina Katrika is a commercial time pass movie. So leave your brains at home and just go watch if you dont mind spending 120 mins for cool AC environment. Nothing Much.

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