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Naan Sivanagiren

Naan Sivanagiren

2.6 37 Ratings

Directed by : VK Gnanashekar

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Naan Sivanagiren is the story of a psychopath who has started taking on women involved in adultery. The reason behind such change in him is his haunting and sour childhood days experience.

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Udhay Karthik


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Naan Sivanagiren (I have become Lord Siva) May God Save Us!

Rated 1.0 / 5

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I thought that keeping my expectations at an all-time low before watching this flick would be the ideal thing to do, but even that was not able to save the day for me. I still ended up watching a stale rehashed tale of a psychopath killer on the run.

The story is all about a psychopath taking on women involved in adultery due to his haunting and sour childhood days experience.

Understandably, to follow suit with the majority of the current crop of debut directors, VK Gnanasekar has chosen a story which has proved its mettle at the box office in the past. Unfortunately, he lost the battle even before fighting it with a flawed characterization and a rickety screenplay.

For a movie which was supposed to be an edge of the seat psycho-thriller, there should have been an element of suspense spiced up with a racy screenplay. The suspicion element was broken even before the story started to unfold while the screen play limped every now and then halting the proceedings.

The characterization of the male lead, Udhay Karthik shared much resemblance with that of Dhanush in Kaadhal Konden. Even the costumes and dialog delivery by the character were not original and were heavily inspired. So, unconsciously we tend to chart out a comparison chart between both the characters and that of Udhay Karthik gets smashed down in the process. Adding to the woes, he poses like Lord Shiva during a fight to justify the title of the movie and brought ample laughter in the theatre and compensated for the lack of a comedy track.

To cast a female lead like Varsha who had a liberal waist line is quite appreciative for that fact that the director believes in the role of a girl next door rather than a girl with a glamor quotient. Still, Varsha does not score enough in the acting department, especially with her inability to emote.

The only aspect which consoles a bit was the flash back which gave a solid a reason for the male leads transformation into a psycho followed by the series of murders which he commits.

The music is not worthy enough to mention and acted as hurdles.

Technically the movie was average.

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