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“Even the two National Award winners, Dhanush and Sarkunam cannot save you from Naiyaandi which is a bore fest with an outdated story-line and poor characterizations. Skip it. ”

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A Yawn Fest

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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If you were impressed by Dhanush over the last few months, thanks to Raanjhanaa and Maryan, his latest release Naiyaandi is proof to how he squashes the potential in him. Unfortunately, this film is not even remotely close to his last two outings. It narrates a story that has been milked dry in Tamil cinema over the years, and yet we proudly keep narrating it again. In essence, Dhanush attempts to impress his mass following with a rural potboiler that hardly has moments one can look forward to.

Dhanush is the youngest of three brothers, who falls for Nazriya when she comes for a local festival. They fall in love, elope and get married. However, we are informed later that Nazriya is already engaged and Dhanush gatecrashed her engagement ceremony and fled with her. I don't have to tell you what follows next. That's pretty much what this film is all about.

This was one of the common stories of the 80s, almost made with every lead actor of Tamil cinema. It's such a disappointing film held together by some laughs provided by Soori and Dhanush at regular intervals. But, it isn't event as funny that you don't regret watching even though it doesn't have a story. It's sad that even after his last two outings, which I think was better than several of his own works, why would Dhanush even think of a doing a film as bad as this.

The performances are mediocre. Neither Dhanush nor Nazriya have a substantial role to prove their mettle, as they're merely portrayed as two persons in love. Even though Soori managed to entertain us with occasional laughs, his role is cliched. After Santhanam, he is probably the only next actor Tamil industry to have played the friend of a hero for the millionth time.

Naiyaandi is a lazy film that only makes you yawn from start to finish. It's partly humorous, musically passable and visually not bad. But, on the whole, it's not a film you would be proud of watching. You shouldn't mind if you happen to watch this film in cinemas.

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