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Nanbenda is a film directed by A Jagadish that repeats the pair of Idhu Kathirvelin Kadhal, Udhayanidhi Stalin and Nayanthara. The venture is a political satire that also stars Santhanam in a critical role.


“Tries to make you laugh, but becomes a laughing stock by itself!”

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Udhayanidhi Stalin

Nannbenda Audience Review

Nanbenda - Yenda?

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Mr. Udhayanidhi Stalin is pure genius. His transition from being a prolific producer to an actor par excellence is stunning. Even today, when a black Hummer is seen parked at Satyam Cinemas, eyebrows rise, women sigh, and almost unanimously, with giggles bursting with excitement, we know whose it is. Which other inspired mind could pluck out titles for their movies from song lyrics and catchphrases of previous films they'd produced? Case in point - Oru Kal Oru Kannadi, and Nanbenda. It's like that man who made millions by betting on horses, and one day decided he would run instead of the horses. After all, if a man can bet on horses, he can also run like horses. Are you still looking for logic? You naughty!

And, who can forget Mr. Sidekick Santhanam - The funniest man alive (now that Robin Williams is dead). He eats comedy, and farts one-liners. Tamil cinema has never seen anyone like him. What, Goundar ah? Sorry, nobody knows who you're talking about.

Now, we come to Nayan… oh, you already came ah? Let's move on, then.

1. Nanbenda is that blooper reel you don't want to watch. The audience laughs only twice:
2. 1. Before the movie begins, as they laugh at the misery of life, because they couldn't get tickets for something else.
3. 2. After the movie ends, as they laugh at the misery of life, waiting in line to get the fuck out of the theater, and run without looking back. Forgetting their bikes and cars in the parking lot.

Nayantara plays a hardcore criminal, who was jailed for kicking a dog as tea sipping Blue Cross officials watched, from their office. Udhayanidhi laughs at this, and she goes bonkers that he cannot appreciate the sensitivity of kicking a dog and going to prison. In order to get in her pants, the hero kills a rowdy and goes to jail. It is later revealed that the rowdy's death was accidental, and not orchestrated by the hero. But, going to jail has made him a badass, so Nayantara lets him inspect the contents of her pants. And they live happily ever after. Cue end credits.

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