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Nanbenda is a film directed by A Jagadish that repeats the pair of Idhu Kathirvelin Kadhal, Udhayanidhi Stalin and Nayanthara. The venture is a political satire that also stars Santhanam in a critical role.


“Tries to make you laugh, but becomes a laughing stock by itself!”

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Udhayanidhi Stalin

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Rated 2.0 / 5
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After a decent OKOK and then a not so bad IKK, Uday and Santhanam are back with Nanbenda. I didn't expect too much before stepping into the theatre and went with an open mind. Now, am out of the theatre, braindead. Yeah, that's what exactly the director might have had in his mind, that the audience will take any crap that's thrown at them and make his debut movie a hit. Sorry, Mr Director. In a nutshell, nanbenda is a disaster and thus puts an end to Uday - Santhanam chemistry, hopefully.


Lets assume that the hero is asking the director about the plot of nanbenda. And this might be the director's reply.

Director: Plot, what plot? There is Santhanam and there is comedy (that hardly evokes laughter). Isn't that enough?

Hero: But...

Director: There are foreign location songs. Hey, there is a fight sequence too. What else you want. Believe me, there is no need for a plot or logic. There is a pretty looking heroine, which is a bonus. That's all. Why do we need a story?

Hero: How can we manage to make a 2 hour film without a story?

Director: Ok since you are asking me this much, I will probably give you a pre interval twist and a stupid flashback and bit of melodrama too. That's all, this is final, don't ask me for a plot, because I don't have one. Ill throw a prison break sequence as an added bonus.

Hero: Ok.

Director: But I have story in which the hero falls in love and will chase the heroine with the help of his friend and finally they get together.

Hero: Isn't this similar to OkOk or IKK?

Director: The audience wont remember all that. And we are giving a funky tie for Santhanam. See, now its a different film.

Hero happy, shoot starts.


I think you pretty much understood the scenario now. Poor writing and execution. First half somehow crawls to the interval with some uninspiring humor but you have a hope that there will be some story in the 2nd half. And Boom.. April fool!

Music by Harris Jeyraj was pretty decent with a couple of romantic numbers. There was no scope for BGM in this film. Cinematography was the only positive on the technical front. Framing, angles and camera placement was good. Editing could have been better to create a sense of understanding. There were lot of things happening at the same time and the cuts were harsh.

To be honest, Uday has improved a lot in his acting and dialogues. He looks more confident and a hero material. But he has to contribute to the comedy track as well. Just depending on Santhanam to run the show worked once and even two times. The duo became boring. A change in comedian would have made wonders to nanbenda. Having said that, Santhanam did a neat job but his one liners didn't click. Blame the dialogues. Nayanthara was flawless and did her role with ease. She was the only saving grace in Nanbenda. Karunakaran was good in his small role. Mottai Rajendran gets back to baddie roles and was pretty good in an unwanted role.

Nanbenda, which was supposed to recreate OkOk magic, fell short of Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal also. There was a lack of genuine humor moments and most importantly, there was no basic logical story. The song placements added to the worry. Hero in jail and the couple break for a foreign location song. Oops, sorry for the spoiler. Its high time Uday chooses different scripts and most importantly a different comedian. And don't underestimate the power of a common audience.

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