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Nimirndhu Nil

Nimirndhu Nil

3.2 3,114 Ratings

Directed by : Samuthirakani

Release Date : | Length : 152 Minutes

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Nimirndhu Nil is an action-drama movie directed by Samuthirakani and stars Jayam Ravi in the lead role


“Nimirndhu Nil is a mix of movies like Ramana, Indian and Gentleman. Powerful dialogues by Samuthirakani and outstanding performance by Jayam Ravi makes the film worth a watch.”

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Jayam Ravi


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Nimirndhu Nil Audience Review

Ravi stands tall but the second half proves to be a downer.

Rated 3.0 / 5

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In Nimirnthu Nil, Jayam Ravi is back in yet another dual role, after an ambitious but failed outing in Ameer's Aadhi Bhagavan last year. Samuthirakani is the captain of the ship this time around and he has developed quite a following for himself with rural based films which are high on drama and sentiment such as the blockbuster Naadodigal and the averagely received Poraali.

The theme that they have chosen here is a crusade against corruption and immoral government officials by the lead hero and his gang of likeminded individuals. A top media person also has an important role to play in the proceedings as he stokes up public interest in this issue and creates a raging storm.

The film moves into top gear pretty quickly and we are left at the halfway point, really anticipating what we are going to see next. But the second half proves to be a downer as there are too many songs and some needless melodrama to weaken the film considerably. What looked like a decent Shankar-ish film in the first half turns out to be quite a mess in the second as the director has spoiled the film in the name of 'commercial packaging'.

Jayam Ravi's voice counts as his only negative and early in the movie when he is this really straightforward youngster caught amidst corrupt cops and the law, he does sound shrill. But later in the movie, when he delivers many powerful lines in close-up facing the camera, he hits the ball out of the park. This handsome hunk has two contrasting roles in the movie, and all his makeovers and styles suit him really well. It takes guts to play a 42 year old man when you are just 33 in real life. Ravi's efforts are immense and it is hard to hate this earnest actor. Well done Ravi.

The other actors in the movie such as the sweet and simple Amala Paul, the ever dramatic and hyper Gopinath, the majestic Sarath Kumar, the increasingly prolific Soori and a plethora of other support artistes like Anil Murali, Subbu Panchu, Badava Gopi, Thambi Ramaiah, Gnanasambandam and Chitra Lakshmanan populate the frame and contribute their bits to the film.

G.V.Prakash's Kadhal Nergayil is a nice melody and the composer proves his prowess at such pleasant numbers yet again. The song is nicely filmed too. The other numbers are all needless additions to the film and extend its running time to more than 150 minutes. GV's background score is on the louder side and he could have added much more to the film in this department.

The action scenes feature some really below par VFX work, particularly the sequences on the highway featuring Sarath and later the two Ravis. The brawl between the two Ravis looks really farcical and you feel sad that a promising sequence has been marred by such poor execution.

The dialogues count among the real highlights and guess director Samuthirakani must have encountered some really crooked cops and government officers. The paying public also seemed to really enjoy all the scenes showing the cops and officers in such poor light. Maybe, most of them have had such bad experiences.

On the whole, a feeling of deja vu will pervade you when you see the film as who can forget films like Indian, Ramana and Gentleman in such a hurry. There are many more such wannabes in this 'vigilante' genre and Nimirnthu Nil counts as a worthy wannabe but having its fair share of flaws too.

Watch it for the racy first half and Ravi who stands tall.

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