OK Kanmani (OK Bangaram)

OK Kanmani (OK Bangaram)

3.4 1,215 Ratings

Directed by : Mani Ratnam

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  • MJ Rating 3.2/5
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Mani Ratnam's OK Kanmani is a lightweight romance featuring Dulquer Salman, Nithya Menen in the lead roles.


“And the Mani Ratnam we know is back,well,nearly!”

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Dulquer Salmaan


OK Kanmani (OK Bangaram) Audience Review

An Optimistic Love Tale shot through Rose Tinted Glasses

Rated 3.5 / 5

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They say geniuses are born out of heartbreaks, out of cynicism about pointlessness of life, out of coincidences of mistakes that draw a predictable pattern. For how else would they observe life from a objective point of view to capture it so naturally and effectively. However, Mani Ratnam continues to present simple, optimistic, magical sagas taken straight out of mundane lives and paint a beautiful picture on the silver screen for mainstream audience. Staying ahead of times, its like he almost forces us to raise our standards of understanding and quality acceptance and he's been doing that about 3 decades.

With that penchant for magical love stories, Mani Ratnam brings us OK Bangaram (OK Kanmani in Tamil) with all arsenals fully loaded. While P.C. Sreeram forces the most ordinary of viewers to see the difference when cinematography is handled by a pro, we have AR Rahman's music that has been topping the charts for a while now. This winning combination never fails to make magic - inventive music weaving beautifully into the warm and fuzzy visuals while the chemistry between the lead pair is as real as it gets, this genre of filmmaking glides like a beautiful afternoon nap washed under pleasant warm sunrays.

Nitya Menen and Dulquer Salman play the lead pair - a fierce, independent architect Tara and a free-spirited, honest, fun loving Aadi. Both love their jobs and have big dreams to live, in big cities that are continents apart. They decide to make the most of their time together, because their chemistry is obviously undeniable. But of course, attachments creep in and choices have to be made - so our pair also goes the conventional way and decides for a happily ever after.

Prakash Raj gives a brilliant performance as the landlord in whose house the couple takes a room. It was lovely seeing his wife played by internationally acclaimed classical dancer Leela Samson, former head of Kalakshetra and also a well known censor board member. Her character suffers from alzhiemers and she plays her part very dignifiedly. Nitya and Dulquer are naturals and with PC's brilliant camera work, their love looks even more feisty.

A big 'thumbs up' to Nani's dubbing for Dulquer. You tend to forget it's a dubbing film and you start seeing Nani's face merging with Dulquer's. This is a big plus that will be in favor of the film for Telugu audiences.

The second half gives way a little lag and a few logics go missing probably due to editing. Their dialogues seem a little out of context perhaps lost in translation. But the brilliance of the film overpowers the minor glitches and makes it a big winner for Mani Ratnam. Young teens falling in love for the first time, with butterflies in stomachs and weak knees will surely love this film. As for cynical, senile, cat-ladies like me, its coming across a mills and boons between Jhumpa Lahiris and Ayn Rand.

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