Om Shanthi Om

Om Shanthi Om

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Directed by : Surya Prabhakar

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Om Shanti Om is an Tamil drama film directed by D.Surya Prabhakar and produced by Arumai Chandran. The film features Srikanth and Neelam Upadhyaya in the lead roles, while Vijay Ebenezer composes the film's music


“It's time for Srikanth to wakeup!”

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Nothing too Good, Nothing too Bad.

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Om Shanthi Om, is yet another horror film and the heroine's name is Shanthi. Now, you might think that the heroine is the ghost. Thats not true and the heroine didnt have much role to play and I was wondering why the director wanted this name for the movie. This is a simple ghost film with zero intelligence and maximum predictability. The general audience might like it but again, the speed breaking 5 songs will test anybody's patience.

So our hero is a normal guy with a special power. The power is that he can see spirits and communicate with them. Ok. I have seen this enough. Yeah. I can hear your mind voice. So these spirits have some unfulfilled wishes or revenge and they seek our hero's help to get the things done. That's all. In between there are 5 songs, a fight, a love story, which eats 70% of the movie. The rest 30% is good and watchable, which contains some Motta Rajendran's trademark comedy.

I liked the writing and screenplay. Though utterly predictable, there were not many loopholes and he was able to start a movie at a point and finish it convincingly. I hated the love portions and the songs that lacked chemistry. Otherwise, there was an emotional connect in the climax and comedy here and there that might keep the audience going for a while. Other technical departments were not up to the mark too.

Srikanth is making a comeback and this might look like a decent film but he need more acting lessons. He was good in emotional scenes but sucked in love and comedy portions. The heroine is just a time pass. She walks in the songs and walks in the scenes too. That's all she did. Motta Rajendran was good as always and provided some comic relief. The supporting characters who did the spirit role were actually brilliant.

Om Shanthi Om is not a horror film or a horror comedy. Its just a film where few good spirits take help from a human to take revenge. There is absolutely no spooky feeling or entertainment. Its just an ok film with ok performances and ok technicalities, which was way too predictable. There is nothing outrightly bad in the film but you know how it feels. Nothing good, nothing bad, why should you watch it then?

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