Onbadhula Guru

Onbadhula Guru

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Directed by : P T Selvakumar

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  • Critics Rating 2.0/5
  • MJ Rating 0.8/5
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“Fairly inspired from Hangover, Onbadhula Guru is neither funny nor engaging with a poor storyline and crude humor. Skip it.”

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Vinay Rai


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Onbadhula Sani

Rated 0.5 / 5
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I have seen all kinds of bad movies in the past few months, but words fail me to describe the monstrosity of Onbadhula Guru- a non-movie. I get very sentimental about watching movies. Just sitting in a theater, empty or full, and looking at images being projected on a giant screen always gets to me. I was getting tipsy thinking about the joy of cinema and then the movie finally started. Featuring some lazily strung together scenes and with no narrative in sight, it is something that never even tries.

There's exactly one joke in the film, which runs for close to 150 minutes, that made me smile. And it was not that good a joke, to begin with. It's just that my standards had hit rock bottom and I probably even would have enjoyed Alex Pandian or Sattam Oru Iruttarai after sitting through something like this.

Onbadhula Guru is a parasite referencing- basically, sucking- on other films and trying to milk some humor out. Needless to say, it fails. Fails so miserably that it would have been embarrassing to watch if there was a bit of sincerity. The characters are named Billa, Ranga, Kochadaiyan; there are music bits, dialogues from over two dozen films and lots of crude name calling popular actors- you get my point. The unfunniest guy in my college comes up with better jokes on his worst day. Even the punchline on its poster is a frickin' rip off. Take a look!

There's a very faint story hidden deep below many feet of crap. Onbadhula is supposed to be a The Hangover meets Panchathanthiram thing, but the writing and direction is so inept that it becomes something entirely different. Giving each character a sorry ass backstory, it completely forgets its Hangover hangover and aimlessly runs its course. I hope everyone in Kollywood comes together and to sue their asses. There's a bevy of unknown, garish looking female actors- the kind that never made it big - who are only too happy to flash their assets in the name of comedy. The blatantly sexist and misogynistic elements pop up ever so often.

The film's promos prominently feature Power Star, but he just has a cameo. I think Srinivasan is acting beyond his shelf life of one film. Santhanam used him to his maximum potential and it worked. Any more films will only lead to disappointment.

So where was I? Yes, Onbadhula Guru is one of the worst things I have ever seen. I am required to give 0.5 stars at least. Otherwise this movie only gets 0. Stay away.