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Onbadhula Guru

Onbadhula Guru

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Directed by : P T Selvakumar

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Onbadhula Guru is a comedy movie directed by P T Selvakumar and stars Vinay Rai in the lead role


“Fairly inspired from Hangover, Onbadhula Guru is neither funny nor engaging with a poor storyline and crude humor. Skip it.”

Onbadhula Guru Credit & Casting

Vinay Rai


Onbadhula Guru Audience Review

Neither funny nor engaging

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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This is not the first time we have shamelessly lifted stories from Hollywood and didn't bother to give due credit. We've done it so many times in the past that we've lost track. “Onbathula Guru” is not a frame-to-frame copy, but more or less inspired from Hangover. With crude humour, not the Hangover type, but so cheap that you feel like walking out of the theatre, the film only succeeds in offering cheap thrills to horny audience.

Guru goes missing on the day of his marriage; much to the astonishment of his would be wife and her family. With just hours away from the wedding, it's up to the friends of Guru, a wolf pack, to find out his whereabouts and bring him back to the wedding. Cut to next scene, we are introduced to a flashback that narrates the story of Guru and his friends.

The film tracks the cheap escapades of the wolf pack. If you walk in expecting some story then I doubt you wouldn't find any in the film because there's hardly any scope for it. All that debutant director PT. Selvakumar gives us in the name of entertainment is cheap one-liners and humour not worth discussing at all. If you're game for such kind of humour then I'm sure you will enjoy watching this film, especially in a large gang.

Let's admit it; Powerstar is the worst actor I've ever seen in my life. I find this hard to say but encouraging him to act is like celebrating mediocrity of cinema. Most scenes are spoof of scenes from Tamil films in the past, especially the love sequences. This is proof to the fact that the director didn't even care to put in some effort to prove his mettle. He has smartly lifted scenes from different films to make the film as boring as one could possibly imagine.

Don't even bother watching this film even if you bored to death.

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