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Ooh La La La

Ooh La La La

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Directed by : A.M.Jothi Krishna

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Ooh La La La is a light hearted funny movie about a guy who is in search of a girl friend. Actor Jothi Krishna flirts with every girl in his reach. Lets see his search may complete or not.

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Jothi Krishna

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Insulting audiences intelligence

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Arvindh (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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It is surprising how Jothikrishna hasnt managed to get nuances of film making despite having directed two films. And what is more shocking is his courage to play hero when he has absolutely no talent or screen presence to play even a minor role.

Surya (Jothikrishna), a total wastrel, has only agenda since his childhood which is to have lots of girlfriends. To his dismay he only gets rejected in all his efforts to woo girls. He finally meets Preethi (Diva Bhandari) and manages to impress her. He gains confidence to approach more girls and date them. This newly turned Casanova turns arrogant as well and starts ignoring Preethi. They finally unite amidst dreary melodrama.

It is hard to imagine how one could even think of a plot as silly as this. Jothikrishnas screenplay is an apt example of a product stemmed out of very poor imagination skills. All the initial sequences of Jothikrishna and his friend going to random places to impress girls reek of juvenile intellect. The sequence where the heroines father (Pattimandram A. Raja) is taken to the hospital (a very very poor copy of 3 Idiots) for cardiac arrest is more irritating than funny. The million dollar scene would however be the one where the hero takes his girlfriend to all the girls that rejected him and does obvious eye gestures to them to notice him. All women loudly and openly go wow on seeing Jothikrishnas antics. A high school play would have been less stupid. And where are the women activists? They need to burn this film for portraying women in such poor light.
The climactic melodrama is ideal take a snooze.

Jothikrishna has no future in films neither as an actor nor as a director. Divya Bhandari is like any other Mumbai import, just a pretty face. Thalaivasal Vijay and Rani, as the heros parents, seem slightly better than the rest of the cast. All the supporting actors are unfunny caricatures. There is nothing much to comment on any of the technical crew comprising mostly of debutantes and their inexperience is evident.

What a waste of money for the producers and audiences!

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