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Oru Nadigaiyin Vaakkumoolam

Oru Nadigaiyin Vaakkumoolam

3.1 90 Ratings

Directed by : Raj Krishna

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Oru Nadigaiyin Vaakkumoolam depicts the difficulties that an actress faces in her life. It also showcases the sacrifices that this actress makes to reach at the top.

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Sonia Agarwal


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Rated 0.5 / 5
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It has been made obvious right from the time of this films launch that it is a behind-the-scenes look at an actress life. Though sex and sleaze are a given in such plots, this film ensures that they remain largely suggestive and do not get explicit at all. Barring this plus, everything else about it is absolutely B grade.

The film narrates the story of a girl from Andhra who makes it big in the film industry against all odds. She goes through numerous ordeals before and after stardom, courtesy her over ambitious mother and greedy and exploitative relatives. Excessive amounts of all the bad things in the world including poverty, insults, casting couch, failed love affairs and arm twisting by politicians lead her to take the extreme step. No she doesnt commit suicide, but vanishes into obscurity. The story is narrated through the chief reporter of a popular TV channel who initially ventures out to bring her back from hiding, but eventually decides to leave her in peace.

The film is badly written, badly shot, badly enacted and badly edited. The film looks so dated that even in the 80s it would have been downgraded. The first half, that encapsulates her life starting from her humble beginnings till her stardom, is mildly passable with events unfolding without too many jerks. The second half is absolute torture, thanks to incoherent writing and too many ill-defined characters. The film suffers badly and so are the viewers.

That Sonia Agarwal is a terrible actress is known fact. This film reiterates it strongly. Her wooden dance movements and plastic smile make for some unintended humour. Girija as her mother is not bad. There is a long list of supporting actors that include Kovai Sarala, Raj Kapoor, Yogi Devaraj, Manobala and Ganja Karuppu. Everyone irritates. Punnagai Poo Geetha (the producer of the film) plays the reporter Rita who goes in search of Anjali. She wears atrocious clothes and gives wrong expressions in close-ups and competes with Sonia Agarwal in bad acting. But what is unpardonable is that she, being a woman, does not bother make any difference in portraying women better.

Music by Aatish doesnt deserve a mention. Other technical departments, as said earlier, contribute their worst. Raj Krishna, the director, needs more lessons in film making.

And if the portrayal of the film industry is anywhere close to reality, then it seriously has no redemption. Educated and sensible people have no place there. Really Sad!

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