Oru Nadigayin Diary

Oru Nadigayin Diary

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Directed by : Anil

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Sana Khan


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Run for Your Lives!

Rated 0.5 / 5
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Nadigaiyin Diary opens up with a hare-brained producer sharing his offensive notions about what sells a movie these days. He pitches an idea of making a film about Silk Sumitha (name changed, ha!) to the director who introduced her to cinema in the first place. When the producer asks him what really happened in her life, the director breaks into a flashback, recounting incidents so personal that he couldn't possibly have known them. But this is not a film which is too particular about logic. One after the other, the events begin to sound more and more ludicrous, making me wonder why they even made this movie.

This film is as subtle as a sledgehammer; it is so bad I felt ashamed and embarrassed as I walked out of the theatre; constantly hoping people wouldn't judge me without knowing my reasons. I have seen better direction in mega-serials which air on Polimer and Captain TV. The story is set during the 80s but the production design pays fuckall attention to the era. A couple of TVS 50s and Contessas with old licence plates do not a period film make.

For a film which is supposedly throwing light on the practice of exploiting young actresses in film industry, it is itself absurdly exploitative. It turns Sana Khan's modesty into a big carnival, complete with Ferris wheel and food stalls. When the camera is not busy zooming in on her breasts, it is stuck somewhere around her thighs. While you don't ever feel sorry for the trouble the real Silk Smitha might have underwent, your heart breaks a little to see Sana Khan get used up like this in a trashy film. No one deserves to go through something like this.

I love looking at Sana Khan as much as the next person. Her being in this movie was a deal breaker - resulting in me choosing this film over Karimedu. But in truth, she is ridiculously miscast as Silk Smitha. I mean, who makes these decisions? The early scenes where the film tries to pass her off as a maid servant are just a hoot. It was like watching a supermodel wipe the floor. Her acting is pretty preposterous, but the rest of the cast is even worse.

After painfully sitting through the entire film, I can confidently say that you will learn more about Smitha's life by simply going through her Wikipedia entry. I have not seen Vidya Balan's The Dirty Picture, but I cannot imagine it being any worse than this. The world was cruel enough to Smitha; the least these people could now do is not make such abysmal movies and piss on her legacy.