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Palakkattu Madhavan

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“Watch it only if you are a fan of Vivek.”

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Rated 1.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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It was one hot summer day today and there was a full day power cut. Its when I decided to check out some film in the nearby theatre to get some AC air. As I have already watched Papanasam, I thought to give Vivek my time. And that was the biggest mistake I ever did. After 150 minutes, I stepped out, with zero energy and a self doubt that if I actually lost my sense of humor or if the film was so dumb that not even once I felt like laughing. The bottom line, don't watch this film even at gun point. You can stop reading any further as I have already told you the verdict and you can see the rating somewhere around this review. But, come on.. I took the bullet for you, so stay with me for 5 minutes.

Vivek is Madhavan and he is not from Palakkad. He is married to Lakshmi (Sonia Agarwal) and have two kids. He is jobless and keeps hunting for different jobs to get more salary than his wife. He adopts a mother so he will get paid 25k per month. And then starts the "Maamiyaar-Marumagal"episode with some intended fun moments. That's all. There is no rest of the story.

Script is very old and the screenplay is very poor. The dialogues does not even make an attempt to make you laugh. Suddenly, you might even feel you can make a better film. Ok, actually you can. Music by Shrikant deva is ok but he must have avoided making his appearance in a song. Oops, a spoiler. Forget the other technical aspects, which does not matter anymore.

I wonder how Vivek accepted this script. He should stick to being a sidekick to heroes, which actually got him all the fame. Sonia Agarwal adds that slight glamour quotient to the film. Actually Motta Rajendran makes you laugh once in the movie with his antics and voice. After Eli, there is this another comedian turned hero who failed big time. Sorry, Vivek sir.

Please avoid the film and you will thank me for saving your 120 bucks.