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Palakkattu Madhavan

Palakkattu Madhavan

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Palakkattu Madhavan is a comedy-drama movie directed by M Chandramohan and stars Vivek in the lead role


“Watch it only if you are a fan of Vivek.”

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Palakattu Madhavan is a damp squib movie which will make you to think how on earth such filmmakers actually exist? How a notable, experienced comedian like Vivek acted in a movie which hardly brings any laughter? Even if the film had a scriptwriter who is lazy enough to come directly to the shooting spot, he would have definitely written a better screenplay but Palakattu Madhavan is a pitiful comedy movie and the so called joke is actually on us (audience).

Vivek plays a character called Madhavan who quits his job because his wife earns more at the same organization (Wow, what a reason to quit the job) and he cites an additional reason that his boss is mounting huge pressure. But actually, it is Vivek who tortures his boss Manobala and also the audiences with his loud, cliched, life-less comic dialogues.

The film's heroine Sonia Aggarwal neither looks beautiful not she could emote well, the audience could have their moment in exactly one scene where she actually flaunts her navel for Vivek but again it might be a sleaze for someone who expected a family friendly movie from the comedian.

In the title card, they introduced a slide which read 'Comedy hunt begins' and I eagerly waited for that one scene which could give me a hearty laugh, but at last I understood the hunt is actually for the critic inside me who is super happy to trash a horrible movie and saving all you people from this appalling attempt!

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