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Directed by : Bala

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Paradesi : This Tamil film is based on real life incidents that took place before independence in the 1930s.


“Paradesi is a Bala’s cinematic triumph that touches a deep emotional chord with impeccable performances and technical brilliance. Fantastic background music makes up for the length making the film a must watch.”

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Realistic, Brutal and Riveting

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Bala's films are alien to one word which is entertainment. If you walk into his films hoping to be entertained then it's very unlikely that you will walk out with a smile on your face. Known for his realistic films that he makes with undeterred passion and hard work, “Paradesi” is one of his best efforts ever.

Based on the novel “Red Tea”, the story narrates the sufferings of hundreds of tea plantation workers who hover between life and death trying to make both ends meet. Employed with the promise of a decent wage, shelter, food and retirement after one year of service, these hopeless souls wait patiently for freedom from hell.

Known for pushing the envelope with every outing, Bala likes to set milestones for self achievement. With all due respect to the creator, I certainly believe he has surpassed every milestone ever set by him in his career.

Even though the film tests patience at several occasions, but on the whole it manages to leave an impact in the audiences. While some may walk out in utter disappointment for being subjected to two hours of pain and trauma, for the rest the experience is worth dissection and discourse.

What surprises me the most that even after a decade in the industry, Bala has not even showed any sign of changes. He continues to experiment with his subject, characters and most importantly the overarching message he delivers in every film.

Bala is known for his workmanship and its evident here once again. He is probably one of the few directors who could make every character in his film emote effortlessly. Be it Atharva, Vedhika or Dhansikaa or the old woman who plays Atharva's grandmother, everybody have portrayed impeccable performances in the film. I say impeccable because it's so realistic and akin to the milieu of the era the film is shot in.

Lot of effort seems to have gone in to get the costume and the look of 200 junior artistes. Performances by the lead cast is outstanding, especially Atharva proves his mettle as an actor. For all the criticism Bala received over the last few days over the realistic trailer of the film that went viral, attracting the wrath of citizens, I think it was worth it.

I loved the fact that Vedhika, who can't speak Tamil fluently, took effort to memorize her dialogues and mouth in sync with the dubbing. Dhansikaa was fierce and powerful in her role and shoulders her character with poise.

GV's music elevates the film to greater heights while Chezhiyan's cinematography is aesthetically impressive.

“Paradesi” in short leaves a lump in your throat, pain in heart and a thought in your head.

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