Pasanga 2

Pasanga 2

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Directed by : Pandiraj

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Pasanga 2 is a 2015 Indian Tamil children's film directed by Pandiraj.


“Pasanga 2 is a beautiful children's film with a wonderful message!”

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Noble in intention,but not original in thought

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Pasanga 2 marks the 3rd film based on children by director Pandiraj (after Pasanga and Marina) and the film has been in the news for various reasons,including Suriya's presence in it as actor and producer and for the change of title from Haiku to Pasanga 2 eventually. For some strange reason the promos indicated that it could be in the space of Taare Zameen Par,which could work either positively or negatively for the film.

Kavin (Master Nishesh) is the only son of his well placed parents (Munishkanth and Vidya),similarly Nayana is the daughter of a financially sound couple (Karthik Kumar and Bindu Madhavi).Apart from similar family backgrounds Kavin and Nayana have one more thing in common,they are hyperactive kids, often landing in trouble in school and otherwise, causing their parents a lot of worry having to frequently change their school and kids. Eventually they move to a new environment wherein Kavin and Nayana join the same school and get friendly. That's also where they encounter the family of Tamizh (Suriya),a child psychiatrist, his wife Venba (Amala Paul),a teacher in a school that does not believe in conventional teaching style and their children.Tamizh realises that there's nothing wrong with Kavin and Nayana,and that its for their parents to understand the same as well.

Pandiraj has chosen a sensitive subject,he has tried to shed light on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactitivy Disorder) and how parents of children going through it must handle the situation with a lot of tact and care. The film also portrays the situation that even in well to do families not everyone is able to handle such situations in the right manner. The kids are quite wonderful and there are some moments where they actually bring a smile on our faces. Of the other actors most of them are ok and Suriya and Amala Paul lend some star value as well to this otherwise small film.

But eventually Pasanga 2 is nothing but a pale verion of Taare Zameen Par and evokes a major sense of deja vu,thus reducing the impact unfortunately.

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