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Directed by : Sasi

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  • MJ Rating 3.0/5
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Pichaikkaran is a Tamil action thriller film directed by Sasi, starring Vijay Antony in the lead role.


“Pichaikaaran has a good storyline but it rarely connects.”

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Vijay Antony


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Pichaikaaran is such a graceful winner

| by Mukesh Kumar |
Rated 3.0 / 5
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Vijay Antony has been in the right limelight ever since his launchpad with the ever impressive "Naan". having known for his versatility in script selection, he does manage to keep up with that this time around too. Pichaikaaran may not be a path-breaking script. But it does have all the essential elements to be considered as a jarring one.

Pichaikaaran is all about a billionaire who is forced to take up the role of a beggar for some reasons. What follows is not 120 odd minutes of gut-wrenching Bala'ish stuff. But a ஜனரஞ்சக hodgepodge of sentiments, action, love, comedy, desperation, tragedy. This is where Director Sasi has shown immense maturity in serving the dish in the righteous way to the audience. What could've been easily conceived as a rather unconventional and hard-to-digest movie has instead been brought out as a pucca commercial entertainer.

Vijay Antony isn't a great actor who can throw every emotion and flatter the viewers. But he's proved time to time that he's an intelligent actor who has well evaluated his strengths and weaknesses in such a way that he selects and executes scripts which are on correspondence with his strengths., and has got nothing to do with his weakness. So much clarity _/_
And he has managed to bolster the entire movie on his shoulders like a boss. Such a flawless performance. His close up shots have been horrible in the past movies. He's done a lot of work to rectify that too. Very much evident. And the best part is, he's fitting perfectly in the 'Mass' factor too :) Welcome to the big league, Vijay Antony :)

Supporting cast hardly had any well known faces other than Bhagavathy (NKPK fame). But director has just managed to milk out some fine performances from them. Barring a couple of cheesy moments with the 3 drunkards who come throughout the movie for absolutely no reason, Nome were uncomfortable throughout the movie. Heroine impresses but her role came into importance only for the climax sequence. Until then it was a mere distraction from showing us the miseries of Vijay as a beggar. Even though that eased the proceedings a bit, it was a tad too overdone IMO. Even the fight sequences as such. It was going to be the routine old "big bad guy gets thwacked by the good old boy".

Technically the musical score by Vijay Antony himself gave a strong sense of deja vu of his own previous works, but did nothing wrong to the overall complexion of the movie. In fact it helped the climax leave a big impact on us. Soul stirring stuff :)
Cinematography had nothing to complaint about but editing was highly amateur. Cuts were horrible at a lot of places and transitions were even more bad. Could've been much much much better.

Screenplay was as crystal clear as Vijay Antony's characterization :) But as the movie approached towards the fag end of the script, I was able to sight some problems with the pace. Though we could very well anticipate the ending, it was a bit far too stretched IMO. But the brilliance in dialogue writing deserves full brownie points :) So much sharpness in conveying the intended message worked out big time. A couple of rationalistic nuances sprinkled here and there... OH BOY I LOVED THAT!!! :)

This Pichaikaaran has successfully managed to entertain us in a wholesome way by serving all the required emotions in right proportions. Probably one of the finest commercial movies of the year after " Sethupathy".