Pizza 2: The Villa

Pizza 2: The Villa

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Directed by : Deepan Chakravarthy

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“Pizza 2: The Villa emerges as a winner with its crisp narration and an appealing storyline. Go for it.”

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Ashok Selvan

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Deception of the First Order

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I remember reading a blog post after the release of 'Pizza', which was pretty much lauded by audiences and critics alike but for this particular review. According to the author of that blog post, Pizza cheated its audiences with a story within a story of a story. And I thought for a minute after reading that post that its author actually was making sense. If Pizza deceived the audience with a fictitious tale, 'Pizza 2: Villa' is even more deceiving.

The second installment in the franchise follows the life of an ambitious writer Jebin, struggling to find a publisher for his maiden book. The untimely death of his father crushes his confidence to pulp, forcing him to succumb to defeat. Jebin is informed by his father's lawyer of a villa he has left behind in Pondicherry. Even before he could publish his first novel, Jebin, having moved into the villa, begins working on his second novel. Meanwhile, Jebin stumbles upon a few paintings in his new abode and strange things begin to happen. Jebin sets out to find the secret behind the paintings and the misfortune it has brought upon him.

As I walked out of the theatre trying to process what I had seen inside, I heard a lousy comment in the parking lot. This film is not even close to 'Pizza. The problem with Pizza 2: Villa is that it's even more complex than Pizza, and when compared the former only leaves you unsatisfied. By the end of Pizza, you would've figured out what was fiction and what was real, but it's difficult to identify the thin line of divide between reality and fiction in Pizza 2.

It's neither a horror nor thriller film, it heavily relies on suspense and deception. The use of limited characters doesn't steer away one's attention from the film, which is not so easy to comprehend in the first watching. And with all the yelling in the theatre every time the screen goes dark, it's easy to miss the most important words that are pivotal especially towards the end of the film.

The film uses a lot of Physics terminologies and that for some reason disappoints the masses who fail to understand its importance in the first place. I thought that entire episode brilliantly breathes sense into the film which otherwise is powered by a taut narration. I happily smiled when I gazed the censor certificate to note that the film is only 1 hour and 42 minutes. I believe that was the biggest merit of the film because with a little longer narration, it would've definitely fumbled to leave an impact. The director and the editor deserve special credit for keeping it short and crisp, even with three songs in the narrative.

Pizza 2: Villa may not be a fitting successor to Pizza, but it is a solid film in this genre.

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