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Podaa Podi

Podaa Podi

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Directed by : Vignesh Shivan

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Podaa Podi is the story of a Chennai based guy who moves to abroad. He meets a girl who is born and raised in that country and immediately falls in love with her. What happens after that forms the rest of the plot.

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Podaang Podeeng!

Rated 1.5 / 5
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Podaa Podi is an excuse to let the world know just how awesome Simbu thinks he is. It has a one line plot, with the first draft of the script most probably written on a tiny piece of soiled toilet paper.

Simbu's Arjun is a jobless guy who lives in London with his Uncle. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar's Nisha is a dancer, born and raised in London. She lives with a guardian, played by a happily unmarried Shobana. They meet and fall in 'love' after spending a few hours together. Now bear in mind this film attempts to sell us a story depicting modern-day relationships. It needed to have established a set of ground rules and stuck to it. But they go back to the same old 'love at first sight' crap. You simply cannot have it both ways!

A clash in ideologies happens when Arjun becomes over-possessive, disapproving of Nisha dancing with some guy on a major competition. Just because he can sit around all day without doing a job doesn't mean everyone can. The writer, I imagine, must have thought the audience would eat up if a movie is split into chapters. Sadly, the chapters' title are the only half-decent thing in this big bore of a movie. This is basically Manada Mayilada in London with a weepy back-story to support it.

The film's awkwardest moment comes when Simbu gives a lecture about morals with a straight face. That's like.. I don't even... you know what I mean. The level of hypocrisy is mind-boggling. I threw up a bit in my mouth when he gave an example to drive home the point made. He said something like,"Watching a hero dance with Anushka on the big screen is okay, but the same happening to one's wife is not acceptable to any man." Wow. This guy has some serious issues. I understand a character's views are not necessarily of the actor portraying it. But for a film which keeps referring to the actor's past films, it's hard to tell the character apart from the person.

This film is supposed to be a romcom. The problem is I simply couldn't get myself to bother about the so called "love story". The two of them fought over such juvenile issues that it made my head reel. To add to its woes, the film is so unfunny that it hurts. VTV Ganesh proves once again that his first film was a mere fluke. The soundtrack is cluttered with auto-tuned trash with pedestrian lyrics. While Simbu jumped around the screen under the pretext of dancing, I entertained myself looking at the pretty backup dancers.

Podaa Podi is a shameless celebration of Simbuism, referencing every last piece of work he has ever done. That's the only way one can explain the existence of this movie. It's a two hour long self-congratulatory circle-jerk, with Simbu citing some old song or dialogue of his at every half chance he gets. He is back to over-the-top acting ways.

Just as you get up from your seat after the harrowing experience, the film threateningly puts a 'To be continued' sign on the screen. I was on a high after watching Thuppakki this morning, but Podaa Podi has positively ruined my Diwali.

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