Pokkiri Raja

Pokkiri Raja

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  • Critics Rating 2.1/5
  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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Pokkiri Raja is a Tamil drama film starring Jiiva, Hansika, and Sibiraj in the lead roles.


“A middling fantasy comedy”

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Pokkiri Raja does entertain. But in a highly diluted demeanour.

| by Mukesh Kumar |
Rated 1.5 / 5
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Pokkiri Raja might've been some movie that has no pre release buzz but it does boast of a good cast with Jiiva donning a role that he sleepwalks through, Hansika with one more role where she rides on mere fortune that seems to be lasting for an eternity. You've nothing to act and nothing to work. You jus got to flaunt your curves in the name of "TC's most wanted heroine". What a fortunate life :)
Other additions being Sibiraj who partly impresses with his antagonism but remains cheesy for most part. Probably Munishkanth & Panni moonji vaayan are the only 2 characters that justified their tagline to the fullest.

Pokkiri Raja does have a never heard before storyline. But the problem is that director has miserably failed in bringing out the required out put as such.
PR (yawns) is ONE MORE movie under Tamil Cinema's canopy that has a plot that could've well lit the audience in a laughter riot but unfortunately let down by a hugely lazy execution and a torpid sequencing of scenes.

Technically the movie was as piss poor as the movie was rendered. D.Imman's score was nothing less than a noise.
The script demanded much more creativity and inventiveness which Director Ramprakash Rayappan never seemed to have clinched it. The movie was right on intention but went wrong in vision. Belongs to the peculiar set of movies which 'might' entertain you when watching in home with no other jobs to do in an absolutely berserk and kiddish mindset.

But yes. You remove some 45-odd minutes of rollicking stuff from this and you've 90-odd minutes of absolutely-gone-nuts type film making antics from Ramprakash.