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Pokkiri Raja

Pokkiri Raja

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Pokkiri Raja is a Tamil drama film starring Jiiva, Hansika, and Sibiraj in the lead roles.


“A middling fantasy comedy”

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A peachy conceit let down by an uninteresting writing

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Pokkiri Raja directed by Ramprakash Rayappa has a peachy conceit but is let down by an uninteresting writing that is all over the place. The comedy factor in the film works only to an extent and the interesting fantasy element is not explored enough to keep the narration entertaining.

Jiiva suffers from uncontrollably excessive yawning and this lands him in trouble at the workplace. When his yawning becomes contagious, that becomes the final nail in the coffin for his professional life. However, a sudden turn of contrived events make Jiiva and Sibiraj, who is a terrible choice for a villain role, adversaries. Ramprakash has tried to write a laughworthy drama around Jiiva's unusual condition but what we get is a half hearted attempt from the director who showed extraordinary promise in his debut film Tamilukku En Ondrai Aluthavum.

Jiiva churns out a good performance but his character needed more vigor and verve to leave the audience in splits. Hansika, unlike many purposeless roles, has something to do here as far as the story is concerned. The occasionally entertaining second half couldn't make up for the mundane first half which brims with deadpan humor.

Overall, Pokkiri Raja is a fairly new attempt to bring a new flavor to the movie watching audiences in Tamil. Other than that, there's nothing noteworthy in the film.

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