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Ponmaalai Pozhudhu

Ponmaalai Pozhudhu

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Directed by : A C Durai

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Ponmaalai Pozhudhu is a romance-drama movie directed by A C Durai and stars Aadhav Kannadhasan in the lead role


“It’s perfectly alright to skip Ponmaalai Pozhudhu, a boring rom-com with an aimless screenplay and bad music. ”

Ponmaalai Pozhudhu Credit & Casting

Aadhav Kannadhasan


Ponmaalai Pozhudhu Audience Review

An Amateurish Attempt

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Ponmaalai Pozhudhu is an amateurish attempt on the line that divides infatuation and love. What begins as a teenage love story soon shifts gears and focuses on a relationship revolving around a father and his son, who is treading the same path as the latter did as a teenager.

It's a promising story, but debutant director Durai doesn't make it an engaging film for one to watch without having to complain how aimless it gets in the second half. Even though it focuses on a growing domestic issue, it doesn't address the problem with unparalleled sensitivity like Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer (AKS) did without appearing preachy.

The director could have solely concentrated on the lead pair without having to break into a song every fifteen minutes. The reason AKS worked in the first despite being melodramatic was because it was short and crisp. It didn't want to hold the audience after a point of time and sent them back home with a powerful thought to mull over.

While Ponmaalai does that too, but by then it's too late. Thanks to the awful placement of songs and recurring bad background score, audiences had lost interest by the time the film reached its end. It was evident that it was bound to get panned and that can't be blamed on the audiences because the only person responsible for this mess is the director himself.

The film had a very powerful supporting cast, but sadly very little scope to sweep the audiences off their feet. Kishore and Anupama Kumar were brilliant in their respective roles. For many, seeing Kishore in a completely different avatar came as a surprise, including myself, but he pulled it off with ease. Anupama as his highly supportive wife is just another character you can root for from the film.

Debutants Aadhav and Gayathrie were miscast for the lead roles. Neither did they have the spunk of modern-day youth nor the rebellious attitude. They seemed ok as an aimless young couple, but that's about it.

The film's stretched screenplay and music were its biggest letdowns. I was surprised to know that Sathya, who had scored memorable tunes for Engeyum Eppothum, did such a shoddy job for this film. Except for one song, the rest were sheer torture to the ears.

Undoubtedly, I don't see this film staying in the theatres for too long. It might play in the opening weekend and then probably might get listed out.

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