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Poojai (Pooja)

Poojai (Pooja)

3.3 1,912 Ratings

Directed by : Hari

Release Date : | Length : 164 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.6/5
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Directed by the Singam, Aaru maker Hari and touted to be a complete masala entertainer, Poojai has Vishal and Shruti Hassan sharing screen-space for the first time.


“Poojai is a decent blend of action, entertainment and masala. Hari's engaging screenplay along with good performances and thrilling moments make the film a watchable entertainer! ”

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Poojai (Pooja) Audience Review

More routine with minor quirks

Rated 2.0 / 5
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Pooja(Poojai in Tamil) stars Vishal as Vasu and the story has been designed or rather tailor-made to create an image for him. He is the ideal family man, always ready to protect his family even if it means trouble and even exile for him. He is the ideal friend, the ideal lover and the ideal human. Meanwhile Divya, called D(Shruti Hassan) looks a little realistic initially when she asks Vasu what status he has to fall in love with her. But, that indifference soon melts away as she realises how Vasu, in spite of the rejection, is ready to help her when a friend elopes. His reach, his network and the way dons lay themselves at his feet, make you wonder how he managed to get all that respect at such a young age.

Meanwhile, Vasu accidentally saves and earns a powerful ally in touch cop (Satyaraj) who is there for Vasu till the end in his fight against Singanna(Mukesh Tiwari). Singanna abhors Vasu's family, given the adoration they receive from the village. Out to destroy Vasu's family, Singanna fails again and again, even as the love story between Vasu and D unwinds itself through his helping her, saving her and protecting her family.

The movie is not different in any way. A little comedy from Suri manages to get some laughs, but otherwise, the movie is a stunt fest. The stunts have been done well and look good on the screen but after couple of times, you tire of watching a single man mindlessly smashing several goons, most of whom have been emphasized to be Biharis. The music by Yuvan Sankar Raja is above average and yet, not memorable. Shruti Haasan looks gorgeous and the chemistry between her and Vishal plays out well. Nevertheless, the movie loses almost the entire first half just building the enmity between Vasu and Singanna. Mukesh in the negative role is good but the actor hasn't been used according to potential shown in Hindi movies of the past. His menacing eyes are about the only thing where he has been offered liberty. The plot lacks any clever twists and eventually ends up being a fight fest, where batch after batch of goons attack Vasu or his family. Radhika gets a good role but isn't used well and eventually the intensity created in her entry scene fizzles out.

Poojai, despite being just another ordinary film, will manage to do well with audiences that love mass-entertainers. It is not a movie that will challenge your aesthetic or intellectual senses but will help to immerse yourself in mindless entertainment, if you can call it so.

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