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3.3 176 Ratings

Directed by : Thanukumar

Release Date : | Length : 124 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Directed by Thanu S Kumar, Poriyaalan stars Harish Kalyan and Haasika (Anandi) in the lead roles.


“Vetrimaran's Poriyaalan is a decent attempt at a dark thriller but, stronger performances and crisp editing would have taken it up a notch. One time watch! ”

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Harish Kalyan


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Low Intense

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Poriyaalan, directed by debutant Thanu S Kumar, produced by Vetrimaaran's Grass Root Film Company which stands as another realistic money frauds themed movie and exposes the dark side of real-estate business.

The lead, Saravanan (Harish Kalyan) is a civil engineer, works as site engineer under a builder (Naren) with a dream of starting his own construction company. Saravanan often gets disrespected for his lack of experience in the field and for his lower designation. Sundar, local financer who lends money for higher interest rate and also don't mind killing people if they fail to repay, a typical baddie. Prabhu, one of Saravanan's friends, works for Sundar. Saravanan decide to quit his job and starts to search for a location in the city to build his first work. At the same time, Prabhu's sister (Haasika aka Anandhi) shows interest on Saravanan, typical lead pair love scenes follows. Now the story gets into the intense mode, Saravanan gets cheated by some of the real estate brokers. Prabhu is interested with Saravanan's construction idea and promises to help him with the finance. In the process of finding a property and money to start his work, Saravanan gets into a trap and messes himself in between his personal and professional problems. Later, the movie shows how Saravanan gets out of all his troubles and wins at the end.

The story line demands some powerful performances, like how it was done in VIP. Harish Kalyan does a neat job, like wise Haasika aka Anandhi is cute and does her job neatly as a typical female lead. After ticking this story line, Thanu S Kumar would have worked much better with the screenplay and would have made Poriyaalan, a successful thriller but he missed the opportunity. Some of the performances from Mohan Raman and Mayilsamy are notable. Cinematographer Velraj has done his job perfectly and Composer M.S. Jones does a decent job with BGM but failed to impress with songs. Songs appears as a speed breaker and doesn't flow with the story line. Overall, Poriyaalan is a neat entertainer but lacks performances required for the story line. Can be watched once!!

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