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Potta Potti 50-50

Potta Potti 50-50

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Directed by : Yuvaraj

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Potta Potti 50-50 is a drama movie directed by Yuvaraj and stars Sadagoppan Ramesh in the lead role

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Sadagoppan Ramesh


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Rated 1.0 / 5
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Supposedly a funny rural sports film! But in reality? Ahem! Read on!

Normally one doesn't go to watch a small film like this with too much expectation. A not-so-bad 2D animated title card and a voice-over by actor R. Parthiban actually make you think that you are in for a surprise. But what follows is a crass and tasteless concoction that under estimates the viewers' intelligence.

The story - A village full of fools. One girl. Two warring suitors - one good but stupid and the other, greedy and evil. A cricket match should decide the winner of the girl and her wealth. In comes an accidental coach who makes the good win but walks away with the girl. The film borrows heavily from all the films you've watched so far in your life. One can actually sit there and guess the original source - one method of sustaining interest in the film.

Even a month old foetus in the womb would guess the plot once the premise is set. You sit through the film expecting some twist in the tale but realize that there is none (may be, that is the twist).

The village is full of ugly men (they are so ugly that the very ordinary looking heroine stands out in the crowd of villagers). Cricketer Sadagopan Ramesh (plays himself) reluctantly starts coaching the team and ends up falling in love with girl. Their introduction to one another in the 'skirt-lifting' scene is an ultimate disgrace to womanhood. Mayilsaamy plays the useless coach of the opponents' team. The first half tires you to death with the villagers' dumbness, uninteresting love track and stupid villainy. To make things worse there is a generous sprinkling of double entendre and sexual innuendos that make you squirm in your seat. Second half pretends to become a little serious as both teams are preparing for the finale. The writer hasn't bothered writing anything fresh and lifts scenes from Lagaan to show team recruitment and the final match. Despite bad training, the opponents give the main team stiff competition and it is a tight finish. But you guess the fate of every ball, thanks to Lagaan again.

Performances are either bad or irritating. Acting skills of the main leads (Sadagopan Ramesh and Harini) is appalling. The camera that filmed them would have been more expressive. The rest of cast (mostly new faces) look very local (a case of deliberate casting for the sake of authenticity) and emote slightly better.

Dialogues are somewhat funny but definitely not original. The style is Crazy Mohan's patent. Cinematography is decent. Music is jarring and the training song is interspersed with irrelevant visuals of 3 phirang girls with an Indian guy (is he the singer or the music director?) dancing and driving around in similar locales. What was director thinking?

Thank God for some small mercies, the film gets over shortly after the cricket match is won and doesn't prolong for another 30 minutes for the hero and heroine to be united.

The thought of making a village based sports movie interlaced with comedy sounds like an interesting thought. Converting it into an engaging film needs skill. No doubt!

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