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Pugazh is an Indian film written and directed by Manimaran.


“Pugazh is a middling political entertainer that can be watched once!”

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Pugazh is a clichéd political thriller that fails to make a strong impact in any fronts.

| by Mukesh Kumar |
Rated 2.5 / 5
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You've got a really interesting premise that is actually inspired from real life incident, based on the land sharks. What would you prefer to do? Build a commercially viable story around it and make more watchable or rebuild the content with some out-of-sync scenes and suck the essence out of the promising story?
Anyone would be sticked to the former but unfortunately director Manimaran rather sticks to the latter.
His intentions / modus operandi weren't bad as a matter of fact. The thing is, he wasn't provided with the suitable players to play such a tricky game but still he resorted to trying too much of sensationalism.
Yes. Jai was never going to fit in such a role. Pugazh what tries to be an interesting tale of public activism, rather turns out to be a film with clichéd traits, providing nothing new.

Karunas was probably the movie's only calming factor with a neatly delivered performance. Surabhi was just another trademark Tamil heroine who does nothing more than diverting the plot to nowhere, during her screentime. Absolutely wasteful love track too.

Thumbs up for the plot which could've been better at several levels. Technically too the movie was flawless, to be honest. Cinematography was intact and the editing was crispy. Music was passable with a couple of impressive songs and an above average background score.

In spite of all flaws, the very idea of a sticking to some new plot (leaving aside the below par execution of the same) deserves a watch for once.