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Pugazh is an Indian film written and directed by Manimaran.


“Pugazh is a middling political entertainer that can be watched once!”

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Pugazh Review- A solid conceit let down by a shoddy narration

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Pugazh is the simple story of an angry young man taking on the system against illegal land grabbing. Director Manimaaran has casually weaved incisive dialogues on the contemporary political system with different supporting characters. Piraisoodan, who plays a stern communist, gets the best lines that are laced with meaningful words. However, the narration is so inconsistent that the film suffers from coherence in the screenplay making it an average outing overall.

A playground plays an important role in a non-descript town. It houses hordes of youngsters, who practice, eat and even sleep there. They consider it as their treasure-trove. It also helps a few land government jobs, which they could have never dreamt of. When the town's chairman plots with a minister to acquire the land by illegal means, a team of youngsters, spearheaded by Pugazh (Jai) stand up against them.

Jai as Pugazh is quite incompetent and comes across a miscast. RJ Balaji brings the roof down on regular occasions, but that's not enough to keep the spirit of the audience up. Surabhi dons the role of Bhuvana, a girl-next-door to Jai who doesn't get much work to do other than screaming at petty misdeeds. Impressive performances are delivered by Marimuthu of Aarohanam fame, who plays the baddie and Karunas as Jai's coy brother.

Overall, Pugazh is a missed opportunity. It fails to capitalize on its interesting premise, thanks to the middling presentation.

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