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3.3 3,273 Ratings

Directed by : Chimbudevan

Release Date : | Length : 154 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Puli is a big budget Indian action-adventure fantasy film written and directed by Chimbu Deven. The film features Vijay in a dual role alongside an ensemble cast including Sudeep, Prabhu, Sridevi, Shruti Haasan, Hansika Motwani and Nandita.


“Puli falls short of expectations.”

Puli Audience Review

An adventurous commercial ride in a fantasy world

Rated 3.0 / 5

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After all the chaos and hoolas, Puli opened with the noon shows. Tremendous pressure from all the sides to the team and they have been sleepless for the past 24hours. Finally, somehow settlements were made and the shows were opened. With no surprise, celebrations were on in all the places as if it is a festival day.
There was a huge buzz around the movie right from the day it kickstarted. Not just Vijay fans were pumped up but also the general audience were also keen on this movie. Having said that it is “ A First of its kind fantasy adventure film “ , the hype was just sky high. Before i start with the review, let me just give big kudos to the makers of this film for presenting something new in Tamil cinema.
The story is more of an usual commercial entertainer with an exception that it takes place in a fantasy world. The first half explains the darkness of the magical world, meanwhile portraying the rise of the protagonist. The hero, his village people, his love interest and his side kicks play the major role in the first half. Time comes for him to enter into the dark kingdom and there starts the adventurous ride. Interval block sets the stage well and leaves us perplexed anticipating what he is going to do next.
The journey of the hero to the dark kingdom is filled with some amazing visual extravaganza and CG works, thereby does justice to the word “ Fantasy adventure “.
The second half is more of what the hero does in the magical kingdom and saves it from the darkness prevailing. The high power casting has given them meaty roles to perform. A small flashback in the second half adds more to the story and appeals to the audience.
Vijay is easily at his best and scores in all the areas, be it dancing, screen presence, fight scenes, love scenes, performances, etc, etc, etc, he proves. Shruthi Hassan and Hansika not only add color and glamour but also values to the story. Special mention to SriDevi and Sudeep who fit into their roles easily. The lilliputs will be loved by children and also evokes laughter with Sathyan and ThambiRamayya.
The technical side has given their the best in Puli. Puli is technically rich and very strong. Natty’s camera works , Muthuraj’s art and Kamalakanna’s CG works are top notch. DeviSriPrasad has given some foot tapping songs and apt BGM that makes the audience roar for some mass scenes. Chimbudevan has concentrated more into the fantasy while the story was average.
On the whole, Puli is an all new experience to the people and is definitely the next level of Tamil cinema. Wishes and thanks to the team for attempting something new in tamil cinema and succeeding in it.

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