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Directed by : Marimuthu

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Pulivaal is a comedy thriller directed by Marimuthu and produced by Radhika Sarathkumar. Prasanna, Vimal, Ananya and Iniya will appear in the lead roles.


“Pulivaal is a bad remake with dull execution. Half-baked writing and illogical scenes make the film look terrible. Skip it!”

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An interesting idea marred by terrible packaging

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Rated 2.0 / 5
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Last year, the movie Chennaiyil Oru Naal was a fair enough remake of the cult Malayalam movie Traffic and earned good reviews and handsome success. 2014 has started off with more Malayalam remakes in Malini 22 and now Pulivaal. While Malini bit the dust when it released few weeks back, Pulivaal (the remake of Chaappa Kurishu) hit theaters yesterday.

The basic premise of Pulivaal is surrounding a missing cellphone which contains a dirty personal secret of the owner. The guy, who gets possession of the cellphone by chance, takes the owner on a desperate 'cat and mouse' chase and uses him for few of his personal motives. Towards the end, the two men come face to face in a really intense combat which has been filmed well.

Though the actual idea of the movie is packed with thrills and some amount of suspense, the director fails big time in the way he has used comedy and songs as such irritants. The movie just ambles on for the first 45 minutes or so and even after the core plot of the movie comes into prominence, comedy elements keep popping up to disastrous effect. The songs are marred by exaggerated, farcical dance moves while the background score is good enough to aid the tension in the serious scenes.

This must be one of Soori's worst outings as he keeps rehashing SMS jokes to annoying effect. Take a break son and come back with more originality. Thambi Ramaiah is the comedian one moment, and then turns a frantic romantic who hits on his co-worker and also becomes a tyrant whenever he faces Vemal and his lover Ananya. He continues to overact but his role at least has some significance in the end. And for how long will Ilayaraja's yesteryear classics be used to support comedy and romance scenes?

Prasanna and Vemal are adequate when the movie becomes serious and show the required intensity and purpose. Earlier on, Prasanna as the ruthless womanizer is apt thanks to his sharp looks and styling. Vemal doesn't go beyond his comfort level in the early portions of the movie. Ananya and Iniya don't have much to do when compared to Oviya. Oviya doesn't seem to mind shedding her clothes and does so with confidence. She passes the acting test too, when she is faced with a grave situation.

In the end, the movie throws up an unfortunate victim who actually just passes on what he sees, to the Internet world. Most of us have such voyeuristic tendencies and the world is populated by such beings who take a lot of pleasure in seeing porn clips. The guy who is actually at fault is the one who perversely filmed his own sexual act in his phone. Such questions do pass by your mind as you see what unfolds in the climax but one wonders if the director even thought along those lines.

On the whole, Pulivaal is let down by poor direction as Marimuthu has packaged the film with a lot of crap for the most part. Though the film's actual core does interest the viewer, the early part of the movie is so exasperating !!!

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