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Release Date : | Length : 109 Minutes

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“An interesting blend of fantasy and thriller that entertains ”

Ra Audience Review

No Horror, No Thrill, No Sci-Fan, just waste of Time..!!

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Ra, directed by debutant Prabhu Yuvaraj, starring Ashraf, Aditi Chengappa has lead. Ra as been promoted as a horror film but actual film doesn't have horror or thrill or some sci-fan or comedy or romance or vengeance or entertainment. Ra has nothing, literally nothing in it and its just waste of time for the viewers and doesn't give anything for the viewer's time & money.

Ra's story line and screenplay presentation was so bad that viewers get confused and can't able to follow the story flow. Screenplays in horror films are much important and it should be crisp and tight where as Ra is pathetic, slow, slower and slowest. I don't know how Director Prabhu Yuvaraj got a producer for this story line which as no clarity at any point of the entire runtime.

Tamil audience accept experimental and new attempts. But it should be sharp and clear. Ra could have been good attempt in horror genre if much more concentration is given for its story line and screenplay. Overall, Ra definitely worth for skipping and I personally recommend not to go for it even there is no other show's available because at the end you will end up with headache and a feel for wasting your 110 minutes..!!

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