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Rajathandhiram is a Tamil heist film directed by debutant A. G. Amid and jointly produced by Sunland Cinemas and White Bucket Productions. Fox Star Studios acquired the distribution rights of the film.


“High on thrills, neatly weaved and a result as good as Soodhu Kavvum”

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Rated 3.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Rajathanthiram, the name reminds me the game of chess, where you have to play a lot of mind games to stay ahead of your opponent. You have to plan your moves, and lure your opponent into a neatly laid trap. Rajathanthiram is a neat con-heist thriller, which takes you through a mental roller coaster ride and breaks quite a few clichés on the way. There are a very few dull moments, but the intelligent writing and a genuine effort to give a good cinema makes you to overlook those moments.

You cant refrain yourself from comparing Rajathanthiram with SoodhuKavvum and Sathurangavettai. The similarity being the intelligent writing and difference being the fascinating mind games that engages you in Rajathanthiram. And boy, the name suits the film perfectly.

Three petty thieves, make a living by doing small scale looting jobs. Amidst a flashback, they join hands again for one last, ultra risky heist job to break into a famous jewellery store. Though the plot sounds similar to a lot of Hollywood heist films, the honesty in which the characters move is what makes Rajathanthiram a genuine effort.


Debutant director Amid, carefully picked a con heist film, which kind of sells in Kollywood, currently. The screenplay is majorly gripping, except for a bit of melodramatic song in the 1st half and a sidelined love track. There are no other commercial elements to satisfy the audience. The screenplay sticks to what it has to do in a con heist thriller. There is a bit of intelligence in his writing. I just wished it could have been better. But, no complaints.

Editing was too good by Praveen Antony complimented the screenplay quite well. The cuts were perfect and there was not many lagging moments. But the fact is, the film gets gripping only before the interval and the 2nd half moves a brisk pace. 1st half could have been better. Runtime of 135 mins is perfect for a thriller and it worked.

BGM by Sandeep Chowta was a major highlight. He kept up the momentum going and gave a thrilling feeling to some scenes. A song by GVP was ok. Kathir's cinematography was pretty good. The camera placement and angles was perfect. Overall, a technically brilliant film.


Veera plays the intelligent conman and looked confident and bold. There was a flair of "I know everything" kind of attitude that looked cool on him. His body language and dialogue delivery were good too. Regina looks stunning and as far as I remember, she does not take the story forward. Not much of scope for her in this film.

Aadukalam Naren and Illavarasu did their roles with ease. The showstopper was Darbuka Shiva. This guy was totally hilarious. His timing and subtle humor brings the roof down and the timing comedy was fresh. Definitely, a good prospect for Kollywood. Another surprise character was that of the jewellery shop owner played by Pattiyal K Shekar. Though he makes a clean fool out of himself, he brings that negative angle to the film.

Overall thoughts:
Rajathanthiram is an intelligent con heist thriller, which takes a familiar plot but a neatly planned screenplay and execution makes it an interesting film. The film starts a bit on a slower side but picks pace at the half time and then races to the finish line. Neat mature performances, subtle humor sprinkled all over the film and intelligent writing are the film's highlights. There are no unwanted commercial elements and the film gives the respect the audience deserved. Go for it!

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