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Rajini Murugan

Rajini Murugan

3.5 1,782 Ratings

Directed by : Ponram

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Rajini Murugan is an Tamil comedy drama film directed by Ponram, who made his debut with Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam (2013).


“Rajini Murugan is a perfect family entertainer for this Pongal.”

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Siva Karthikeyan


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Rated 3.0 / 5

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RajiniMurugan after a long struggle saw the lights today. Being the VaruthapadathaValibarSangam team's next outing, expectations were sky high.

Sivakarthikeyan has become one of the undeniable dot one mass entertainers in tamil cinema and the family audience, his youth fan base who celebrate his film release are just examples. Once again he chooses to cater all sorts of audience with his RajiniMurugan.

The storyline is kept simple. The enemity between RajiniMurugan and YezharaMookan is the base and the screenplay is developed with lots of comedy, love and family values.

In the first half, hero tries to impress his girl with the help of his sidekick as seen in thousand other films. But the Sivakarthikeyan Soori combo does that again that goes no boring. Their combo works high time. And the plot opens towards the interval.

The second half is a wholesome entertainer wherein the love track, comedy, family values, action, songs all travel simultaneously. With neatly developed scenes and a bonanza climax, RajiniMurugan gains applause and roar at its end.

Performance wise Sivakarthikeyan with his infectious energy carries the life of the movie. Keerthy Suresh is cute and adds color. Soori has lived upto his expectation. Apart from these three, Samuthirakani as the antagonist and RajKiran have done a commendable role.

Technically the cinematographer has ensured the flavour of Madurai and its tone is evident on screen. Songs are foot tapping and lovely but placed at frequent intervals. Though the storyline is good, screenplay could have been bit better. Also the movie is bit lengthy but goes no boring.

On the whole, RajiniMurugan is a pucca festive family entertainer.

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