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This movie marks the return of the Engeyum Kadhal pair Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani which is touted to be a romantic comedy in the making.


“Fun as long as it lasts, even if it takes many things for granted.”

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Romeo Juliet movie review

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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There are a lot of things I liked in Romeo Juliet. Most importantly, its realistic and genuine. Jayam Ravi and Hansika would have never performed better than this in their entire career. The storyline could be routine or cliché, but the screenplay keeps you engaged, except for some lags here and there.

Romeo Juliet is love story, the name itself suggests. Its more like a cat and mouse game. First the girl loves the boy, thinking he is uber rich and chases him. Then the boy falls in love genuinely, having no idea that the girl loves his money and not him. She then realizes that all the money is not his and breaks up and breaks his heart. The boy breaks for a soup song and comes back to take revenge. The revenge is that the girl has to find him another pretty looking girl to replace her. What happens next is fun filled drama in the 2nd half.

Hansika stood out with her best performance till date. She was cute with her expressions and showed a lot of variations. Jayam Ravi was equally good, though he looked less fit for a gym trainer character. However, I felt Hansika had more scope to perform than him. That's because, she had different shades in her character. VTV Ganesh chips in with his antics and makes good use of his "rusted engine" voice.

I liked the screenplay. The way the director arranged the scenes made a lot of difference. Though I knew the climax, it kept me thinking that I might be wrong. There were some dramatic dialogues pre interval which really tested my patience. Otherwise, the film was fairly gripping and had its share of fun moments. Music by Imaan was pretty decent with a couple of chartbusters. Editing was good, except for some dull moments in the first half. Cinematography was decent, no major complaints there. Some frames were really good.

Overall, Romeo Juliet is a love story, which gives you a slice of reality. Cute performances and humor sprinkled all over to keep the audience engaged. Best performances by Hansika and Jayam Ravi. The film might have a message, which might not inspire you. So don't mind to interpret all that. Just enjoy the film and forget it while you step out. More importantly, the film made a bit of sense and was never preachy like other love based films, which are totally random.