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Directed by : Gokul

Release Date : | Length : 155 Minutes

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Rowthiram is based on an incident that happened to the director years ago. The hero saves a man who's met with an accident. Unfortunately, the man dies in the hospital and the hero is accused of his death. The film shows how the heros behavior and attitude changes after this.

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Rowthiram (Anger) - Tests your anger quotient !

Rated 0.5 / 5

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We have often come across debut directors trying to mimic their extravagant ancestors and more often than not falling in between two stools. Rowthiram's debut director Gokul might have thought that he has got a flamboyant and stylish action script in place and has only managed to take a free fall fall right into the stool (pun intended!).

If I say that there is nothing solid in the script, it would hurt my conscience as there is no script in the first place. It all starts with Prakash Raj (in a cameo) as the protagonist's grandfather who serves as a source of inspiration for him to beat up 100 or more henchmen for the next 2:30 hrs, making the experience tedious even for the theater operator.

Jiiva as the angry young tough nut is wasted. He should take great care in choosing scripts. A huge disappointment for all, who just witnessed a thorough entertainer in the form of 'KO', which eventually turned into a blockbuster.

Shreya, uhh... a tailor made role which instantly drives the cliches associated with it like love at first sight, short skirts in the first half and covered clothing in the latter half, duet.... there should be a ban on such roles at least for a certain period.

Others are just there to add to the woes.

I am not sure how many bad men were there in the movie (about a 100?).... but I am certain that each and everyone of them were there to be muscled by Jiiva.

Minimalistic music has been used in the background which is a welcome change for such genre of films, but it adds subtlety to the scenes, way beyond what is required. Among the songs, "Malai Mangum Neram" alone steals the heart, a mesmerizing melody.

An element of solace in the theater were a bunch of college bunkers who were passing excellent one liners which augered well at various contexts of the movie. I relished it thoroughly :)

Verdict: Strictly refrain from it

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