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Sagaptham is an upcoming Tamil film directed by Surendran and produced by L. K. Sudhish. The film features newcomer Shanmugapandian, Neha Hinge and Shubra Aiyappa in the leading roles.


“A star-kid's show-reel,where you're the star if you tolerate it!”

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Rated 1.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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If watching this film is itself a pain in my... Eyes... Writing its review is even more terrifying. But am cornered and helpless and even forced to write the review of this wonderful film, the magnum opus, the one and only, Sagaptham. I will try to bring in all the nursery rhymes in between and add a bit of maaney theney ponmaaney to make your reading experience a more pleasant one. Please stay with me. And I promise that this review will be a short one.

Sagaptham's plot is about Saga, who saves a woman. First half. He then goes to Malaysia and saves her husband. Matter over. To add a bit of masala, there is this mafia kind of a gang in Malaysia and our hero becomes a Sherlock Holmes overnight and solves the crime. That's actually a pretty decent plot to be honest but the execution, acting, dubbing, music, editing was poor.

So with Sagaptham, our beloved captain launched his son, vice captain Shanmuga pandian in Kollywood. Though we troll Vijayakanth, he has given some amazing movies and saved us from the terrorists a million times. Sagaptham is a poor way to launch his little kid and it did more harm than any good. Our captain might have expected his ardent fans to support his son but it backfired big time. Vijayakant plays a cameo and there were references to him and his dialogues all over the film. I even thought if there are any political reasons behind this film. If there were any, they are washed out in the drain now.

Technically there is nothing much to write. Poor screenplay, loud out of sync music and patchy editing. Its literally 160 minutes of pure nonsense. I actually wanted to put 'torture' instead of nonsense but hey am a professional writer so I would not be that harsh. Cinematography was good because without a camera we cannot make a movie. That's all.

Shanmugapandian definitely needs acting lessons. He can smile and walk but that's not acting. In addition, we have two heroines who literally drool over our hero and compete for him. And the heroines talk in Chinese I guess or may be its because of worst lip sync. The ladies cant act even at gunpoint. Power star is generally annoying but in this film his antics were a lot better than rest of the crap. And the icing on the cake is that Vijayakanth makes an appearance and received a grand welcome for his little cameo.

Now, if you still ask me if the movie is good or can it be watched, read the review again. There is a hero, two heroines, few comedians, few villains, colourful clothes, songs, fights but there is no story or proper screenplay. If I was stuck in an island and if I was given a choice that if I watch Sagaptham, I will get help, I would probably go fishing and make fish fry rather.

There is a sense of calmness when the movie got over and you know that everything will be alright from now on. When the doors open and you see a ray of hope that its all over now and happy that you are still alive.

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