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Directed by : N Shankar Dayal

Release Date : | Length : 148 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Saguni is an upcoming political drama starring Karthi and Pranitha in the lead roles. Saguni is a political satire and traces the migration of the hero from a village to the city. In the process, he creates lots of problems for himself, but simultaneously and unwittingly solves them.

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Not one surprise move

Rated 1.5 / 5
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It is obvious that Karthi is not interested in experimenting, but why choose rehash of a story that is not half as interesting as the original sources. Directors Dharani and Shankar need to be paid a fat royalty for all the borrowings. Moreover, newbie Shankar Dayal ropes in so many talented actors, but fails to tap their potential fully.

Kamalakannan a k a Kamal (Karthi) comes to Chennai from Karaikudi to save his ancestral property from demolition by the Railway authorities who want to build a subway. Kamal realizes the hard way that it is not easy to reach out to the authorities with a big wall of cronies and touts surrounding them. His accidental meeting with his aunt (Roja) that gives him some hope initially fizzles out later when he falls for her daughter (Pranitha). He befriends Rajni (Santhanam), an auto driver and pours out his woes. His final trump card is meeting the Chief Minister (Prakashraj) himself who happens to be an old acquaintance. When he turns his back on Kamal and rudely throws him out, Kamal decides to teach him a lesson. He makes mega moves in politics, like, transforming a petty money lender, Ramani (Radhika) into the Mayor of Chennai and reverses the fortune of an ever-losing political party leader (Kota Srinivasa Rao) by making him win the next Lok Sabha election. And in the bargain wins back his house.

It may not be a path breaking story, but has enough meat to become an engrossing fare. But bad writing ruins its potential. The film starts off on a not-so-bad note when Karthi starts narrating his story to Santhanam. Karthis initial escapades seem like indicators for better stuff ahead. Then its a long story that is a mixture of insipid comedy and absolute drivel. The whole romance track between Karthi and Pranitha seem long, boring and juvenile. Rojas attitude towards Karthi neither shocks nor surprises you. The second half is totally unbelievable. Karthis effortless manoeuvres in playing the political game are jarring. Every plot is well laid out where all the pawns easily get trapped. Karthis characterization is flawed. From being this meek small-towner, Karthis sudden change into this clever mastermind seems totally flawed. The loud credit being given to Karthis supposed charm all through the film looks and sounds too contrived.

Karthis is caught in a time warp. Karthi, we all know, is not a bad actor. He looks to unfit and middle class to play a super hero. Times have changed. And his awkward stare and the lopsided smile are still a reminder of his Paruthiveeran demeanour. Santhanam plays the harassed friend giving quick repartees one more time. And it is BORING. Pranitha gets no scope. Roja need not have done this role. Radhika totally lacks fizz. Guess, all the crying she does on TV has drained her off all the fun. Prakashraj shouts, as usual. Kiran (the long forgotten heroine of Gemini) as Prakashrajs mistress doesnt make any impression. Then there are many known faces like Chitra Lakshman, Delhi Ganesh, V S Raghavan, that just add to the crowd.
G V Prakashs music does not sound bad, but still does not linger on and the songs hardly help the movie. Muthiahs camera work is fine. The sets look like sets.

Truly a case of old wine turning sour.

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