Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar

Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar

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Directed by : Suraj

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Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar is a upcoming Tamil action comedy film written and directed by Suraj. The film features Jayam Ravi, Trisha and Anjali in the leading roles, while S. Thaman composes the film's music. The film will be released worldwide on 31st July 2015.


“Sakalakala Vallavan is a crass comedy that fails to make you laugh.”

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Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar movie review.

Rated 2.0 / 5
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20 minutes into the film and I started writing the review. "Ivvaru thaanga namma hero" - that's the opening line for our hero and that's the most clichéd dialogue I ever heard in the last decade. Namma hero gets arrested and the flash back begins and then an item song and then the heroine introduction. I will continue the review during the interval. Stay tuned. 


So till the interval, there is no clue whatsoever about the plot. But the director has kept a twist and there is not much to expect in the 2nd half. I will come back to the plot, if there is any in the 2nd half. Comedy wise, there are quite a few genuine moments between Jayam Ravi and Soori, which keeps the audience entertained a bit. Motta Rajendran chips in with some comedy scenes. Anjali is definitely taking few acting lessons from Namitha and she is getting there in terms of dressing and etc. 

The director had kept a lot of cliché scenes and dialogues. For example, the marriage gets stopped and the father of the bride gets a heart attack. Dude, we saw such scenes 2 decades back. The romance portions between Jayam Ravi and Anjali is more on the raunchy side like learning to ride a cycle, learning to swim and rolling and stuff. 

Regarding the music, Thaman has neatly ripped the songs from his previous Telugu films. That's smart work I say and easy payments. Not much in the other technical departments as well. Still waiting for some basic plotline to open up. Going inside for the 2nd half. Will update this review once the film is over. But I have a gut feeling that there is not much to expect. 


Ok, as expected there was no story in the 2nd half too. So basically, the film is about Ravi falling in love with Anjali. But under unavoidable circumstances, he gets to marry Trisha. After marriage, they fight constantly and decide to get divorce. One condition, the couple has stay one month with his family. What happens in this one month is the 2nd half, which really gets melodramatic and tests your patience with some unwanted fights and illogical screenplay and politics and an unwanted comedian, Vivek. 

So in a nutshell, Appatucker is an outdated film with a few hilarious scenes but a lot of outdated village portions. The film has nothing to offer in the story side but can watch for the Jayam Ravi and Soori comedy scenes. The lead hero was Soori actually, and he gets more screen presence than Ravi and performs quite well. So watch out for some mindless comedy and outdated screenplay