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“Sandamarutham is a Sarath Kumar-indulgence that tries too hard to be 'today' in an outdated setting.”

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R. Sarathkumar


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Sandamarudham is yet another dual character action flick by 'Puratchi whatever" "action samrat" Sarath Kumar. The trailer gave me a glimpse of what I would be witnessing. I expected some pure unadultrated action scenes but everything looked so staged. It was like seeing a drama on stage. One group comes, does the love portions and they go. CUT. Another group comes, does the action scenes and go. CUT. This pattern repeated till I stopped taking the movie seriously.


Its a story of good fighting against the evil. Yaawn!!! Sarath Kumar is an undercover cop and he is on a mission to find the illegal activities of an underworld Don named Sarveshwaran. Undercover cop taking on an Underworld don. Perfect. The twist here is that both the roles are played by Sarath Kumar. Whoohooo! You must watch the movie to find out more but I can give you a hint what the movie is all about. Its about a chemical bomb and the Hero Sarathkumar is going to save the world. Its time that he should probably inherit the "Captain" surname from Vijaykanth now.


The story is more than 3000 years old. The screenplay made it more worse. The fact that it was crafted by a crime novelist was evident. The screenplay looked like chapters in a book. Love scene.CUT. Action scene. CUT. Family sentiment. CUT. Song. CUT. Repeat. There were some twists and turns but it didnt engage the audience because of this patchy screenplay. Sandamarudham is a well justified masala commercial film.

When screenplay was rugged, editing too follows the same path. The cuts were jumpy and there was no proper flow. Fast cuts does not mean fast screenplay. Cinematography was average and I would say it was good enough for this film. Music by James Vasanthan was decent enough for this regular masala action flick. Technically not a very perfect film.


Sarathkumar was actually good. Cant blame him for the poor screenplay. He has given his best in both the roles he had played. He also gave a clear difference in body language and looks in both the characters. His scenes with Thambi Ramaiah did evoke some laughter. Oviya adds that much needed glamour to the movie and comes for the songs. Radha Ravi was good as always.

Overall review:

An old story backed up with some poor screenplay. The performances tried to save the film to an extent but it gets predictable as it goes. SarathKumar was good and he single handedly tries to elevate the film with both the characters he had played. But poor writing, which was equally uninspiring spoils the show. There is no emotional connect and it was not engaging one bit. Fans of mass masala senseless action flicks might enjoy it.

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