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“Sandamarutham is a Sarath Kumar-indulgence that tries too hard to be 'today' in an outdated setting.”

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R. Sarathkumar


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Only 'Sanda' and No 'Sense'

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The only moment that I probably felt surprised in Sarath Kumar's Sandamarutham was one, wherein the system-saviour of the two Sarath Kumars, shouts at a goon, "You think I am a normal cop ? And I won't kill your family ? I am abnormal and I'll do it." That was the sequence I was searching for throughout the narrative, where I felt a character even gave a shot to go beyond the cardboard-box like-identity he was given and do something different. Alas, I realised the celebration was all humbug later. He gets back soon to tell that he was only testing the goon's longing for his family and that the incident was just a 'prank'.

Oh, this week's release is another senior actor, trying to look young, imagine dream-duets with heroines half his age,be the apple of everyone's eye in an extensive-joint family, where his introductory shot has him running away from his family members in an attempt to escape an oil-bath !

If I in a theatre playing this movie in the heart of the North, with not even half-a-dozen people as its possible audience, bought a ticket with the hope that the baddie Sarath Kumar would be a better bet to watch, I was bound to be disappointed. I know I couldn't look at Sandamarutham expecting an Ayya or a rare Suryavamsam. The best I hoped as I glimpsed the first-five minutes of the film was a romantic thread for the villain and to my surprise though, he didn't have any. I had to be optimistic that he was at least focussed on what he wanted to accomplish. He wasn't thankfully fiddling with a refurbished comedy-track and a triangular-love track that his lookalike was finding it hard to come to terms with.

In a serious case of stereotyped casting,Samudrakhani plays a sincere cop here. As he initially plants a 'salute sir' to his immediate senior colleague and calls his pregnant wife to let her know about his transfer, we really are smelling danger and the director did not disappoint me.

Then we get to the core of the movie, the science (duh!), the chemical named 'Ofplisca' that the character's speak as if they've discovered a Mars to live in. The director doesn't take any care to underplay that bit of 'innovation' in front of this setting and the ravishing confidence with which he builds it, makes matters quite turbulent.

Sarath Kumar is either a totally aware actor who's taking an unflinching, exaggerated attempt at stardom again or is residing in a parallel universe, dreaming that this is how they make 'masala' today. Both the cases though, he and Sandamarutham fail.

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