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3.4 264 Ratings

Directed by : Arun Mohan

Release Date : | Length : 136 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.0/5
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Sarabham is a drama movie directed by Arun Mohan and stars Naveen Chandra in the lead role


“Sarabham is an intense thriller that scores high on suspense. Plenty of chills and solid performances will keep you at the edge of your seat. A must watch! ”

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Naveen Chandra


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Entertaining Crime Thriller

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Sarabham, a pretty good crime thriller directed by Arun Mohan who is son of director/comedian Anu Mohan, whereas C.V. Kumar has produced under the banner of Thirukumaran Entertainment. The film features Naveen Chandra, Saloni Luthra & 'Aadukalam' Naren in the leading roles, while Krishnan Vasanth has handled the cinematography, Editing by Leo John Paul and Music by Britto Michel of the movie.

Sarabham, begins with Vikram (Naveen Chandra) explaining about his hunger towards money. He meets Chandrasekar, a millionaire businessman ('Aadukalam' Naren) for a official work and Chandrasekar turns down Vikram's work which makes him gone mad and pushes him to throw a stone at Chandrasekar's house. But Vikram happens to meet Shruti Chandrasekar (Saloni Luthra), daughter of Chandrasekar there. Shruti was running out of her house and wanted a safe place to stay. There Vikram helps Shruti and both get to know each other desires - Money. There comes a plan of Kidnapping, a very old Tamil cinema idea but with a touch of last year's super hit movie "Soodhu Kavum". This ends the first half with a twist at the interval block.

Second half is where the movie really starts to explore. This crime thriller has so many interesting twists in the second half until climax with logical sense shows the Director's intelligence in story and screenplay which is also captured well. I am not gonna revel anything about the second half, which can be enjoyed on screens.

Naveen Chandra & 'Aadukalam' Naren portrayed their characters very well and Naveen Chandra shows lots of promise to carry a movie on his shoulders. But Saloni Luthra took the centre stage by excelling in her acting and makes a very strong debut. Director had a real gut to introduce the female lead of the movie by taking drugs which is a bold move in Tamil cinema. There are no unwanted songs or fights. Even there is no romance shown between the leads.

Director Arun Mohan has done an excellent job in film making. First half need lots of cut and second half could have been sharper. This movie is a good seat edge thriller which doesn't have pace. Britto Michel's BGM and songs doesn't have anything to get noted. To be frank, lead Vikram's mobile ring tone - Raja sir's song has more impact than the actual one. Overall, it's a worth watching!

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