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Savaale Samali

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Savaale Samaali is an Indian Tamil comedy film written and directed by Sathyasiva. The film features Ashok Selvan and Bindu Madhavi among others.


“Savaale Samali is another one of those boring comedy films.”

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Savaale Samaali - semma thala vali.

Rated 1.5 / 5
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I went 5 mins late and immediately I realized that I didn't miss much and that set expectations on the movie straight away. This is Ashok Selvan's first outing as a solo hero and that too a comedy hero. I kind of felt he is better suited for tough roles because, in this film, he is delivering comedy dialogues, trying to bring out the humor but there is a lag between his body language and dialogues. Comedy is not natural to him. Ok, Lets dive into the plot.

The hero is jobless and is on a serious job hunt. He gets a job in a tv station. He falls in love. Yes, both happens in parallel worlds. The girl does not respond. The tv station is under serious debt. Hero plans a love reality show and viola, good things starts happening. All these happen like plots and sub plots with no actual link between each other and in a random manner. That's lesson number one is the chapter "How not to write a screenplay".

The director had a good script but the narration became chaotic. The love angle was really weak. The humour didn't have the expected effect on the audience. The satire didn't come out well. In the 2nd half, there is this love reality show and a satire on how shows are created. So if the director focused on bringing out the insider information of a tv station with more focus on humor, then the movie would have worked big time. But the screenplay is confused and looks like the director was confused all the time.

Couple of songs were good and music in general was ok. Editing was abrupt and followed the screenplay's confusion. Cinematography was pretty decent. Performances wise, Ashok Selvan is quite a talent but I felt humor roles is not his cup of tea. He will be awesome in more serious and tough roles. His body language and facial expressions are more suited to rugged roles. Bindu Madhavi was a mere mannequin with make up. She cant emote, cant dub properly and does not have a prominent role also. So forget her. Jagan with his one liners was pretty good but some jokes didn't make sense.

The film also had veterans like Nasser, MS Bhaskar, Oorwashi, Manobala and they were the only saving grace in the 2nd half. Otherwise, the film would have been an absolute bore. Overall, Savaale Samaali is a good movie that gone bad in narration. There were some genuine humour moments but overall the film looked chaotic. Ashok Selvan must stick on to serious roles. Because in Savaale Samaali, humor didn't work and so did the love and chemistry with the heroine.