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Directed by : Guhan Senniappan

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  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Sawaari is an Tamil film written and directed by Guhan Senniappan.


“Sawaari is a decent ride, that is thrilling at parts.”

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Benito Franklin

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Sawaari is a nouvelle attempt at rejuvenating the thriller standards of TC. But loses fizz

| by Mukesh Kumar |
Rated 2.5 / 5
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Renascence of neo-noir in TC after "Aaranya Kaandam" has always been not so welcome worthy. Barring Jil Jung Juck, every other movie has always failed to deliver. Sawaari is one more movie in the same genre, with more of a psycho thriller shades, attempted by newbies.
You've a damn interesting plot that ties you up and down at the edge of your seats straight up. No beating around the bush whatsoever. The way in which Director Guhan kick starts is super impressive.

What follows is 2 odd hours of uncompromising offbeat entertainment. In particular, the setting up of plot in first half is just BANG-ON. Detailing & pacing at its very best. The pawn is moved in such a way that "Ah! This is going to happen" type of predictability is always kept under check.
Sawaari is not jus conceptually rich. But also technically assertive. Spell binding cinematography, classy editing worked it's way through. Vishal Chandrasekhar who hit the right chord with Jil Jung Juk rather scored a mixed bag here to be honest. The villain theme was outrightly spine chilling but other BG scores were mere ordinary which jus didn't comprehend with the context of the movie.
Even the screenplay is superbly structured. The way in which every main role's track are brought under a single canopy strike awe.

Ok the movie is impressive in so many fronts. Where did it fail exactly?
The transliteration of content from paper to film reel is where the director let it go, I'd say. The movie is a neat short film material. There's nothing wrong trying to convert it into a feature film. There have been many such valiant & successful attempts of that kind. But you got to orchestrate the audience pulse as such. A road thriller movie cannot just be paced at such a snail-pace. Absolutely shambolic pacing as far as the second half is concerned. There's no much of scenes either in the second half that excites us. What moves towards a well etched out climax, rather ends on a blatant note, unfortunately.

Sawaari is one movie which I felt really hard to term it a failure. Though it succeeded in a few fronts, it has indeed turned out to be a collective failure. Novelty & Complacency are the two words that can be used to compliment this movie. And I'd say director is the one who gotta take the credit and blame respectively for both the traits.