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Sembattai is the story of two brothers who sacrifice their lives for each other.


“Sembattai is loud, over the top and badly written. Skip it!”

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Sembattai - 3 Hours Too Long

Rated 1.0 / 5
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Bad movies usually bring out the worst in a person. When I saw the lead tied to pole inside a house going up in flames, I couldn't help letting a sinister laugh out.

The film tells a story of a fisherman who devotes his life to be with his mentally unstable brother Sembattai. The brothers are evicted from the village due to the nuisance created by him and have shacked up on the beach. With no one except a maternal uncle to call a kin, the brothers survive with the little they have. Now this in itself is a significant issue with so much to chew on. The film could have dealt with the dynamics of the relationship between the brothers with more subtlety and created many compelling conflicts. As if being just a simple character study would render it toothless, the film goes ahead and turns everything on its head by becoming just another revenge story... not that it was any good before.

This is a film which has no place for any bad guys, but there is one. The problem arises in the form of a wealthy fish dealer who forcibly buys the catch at a very less price. With help from corrupt cops and his own muscle, he terrorises the fishermen. It may have worked had it become one much earlier or at least at the halfway mark. Just when I thought it was about to get over, a lead character gets killed off and the revenge ensues.

Sembattai immediately needs to be institutionalized. The kids in the village taunt him by scratching their noses. Sembattai beats them up close to death. Villagers, on cue, come out of nowhere and beat Sembattai up. Then his brother waits till he is sufficiently harmed and comes to his rescue. And this happens 4 times over.

It is loud and over the top with its mega-serial melodrama which makes no emotional connect at any point. I started getting restless at the 1 hour mark and had little idea I still had to watch two more hours of this shtick. The film is even less intelligent than its eponymous character. Its supposed conspiracy and the painful exposition was laughably bad as everything was very apparent.

I saw a homeless child crying on the road as I was walking out of the theater and felt very bad I spent money having such a bad time when it could have fed someone. Critics have a responsibility to sift through piles of horse manure to find something worthy but filmmakers have a far greater one. If deep down they realise their writing is awful, they must have the common decency to not waste everyone's time by filming it. I see no point in bashing this film. It is one of the worst I have had the misfortune of reviewing. It really saddens me someone somewhere thought this story was worth telling. There are few things more dispiriting than watching a bad movie you cannot walk out of. I'm really proud of myself that I sat through it. I learnt that I have high threshold for pain. Two back to back soul-crushing movies have broken something inside me. With a runtime running close to three hours, the film is 180 minutes too long. It should have never been made.