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Directed by : Arun Kumar

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  • MJ Rating 3.3/5
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Sethupathi is an action drama film starring Vijay Sethupathy in the lead role.


“The brand name "Sethupathi" is enough to be rest assured of a quality flick”

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Vijay Sethupathi


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Sethupathi Audience Review

Sethupathi sets a whole new parameter for a commercial cop in Tamil Cinema. Sumptuous meal

| by Mukesh Kumar |
Rated 4.5 / 5
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There was a period when creative liberties were aptly justified when taste-buds for poetic justice was satiatied. 'Cop movie' literally meant 3 odd hours of cliched entertainment. Barring a few out-of-the-blue exceptions, we've been brought up that way (pun intended)

And here, it's really refreshing to feel a gush of fresh air in the guise of Arunkumar's "Sethupathy". The plot is wrapped up with some really good performances from the protagonists and his nemesis, with ample doses of family sentiments, romance, action, the famous 'mass factor' and some clever cat and mouse games between the hero & villain.

Hats off to director Arunkumar for trying to make the movie as much plausible as he possibly can wile maintaining the tempo of the movie right through except for one badly placed song in the first half.The flow of screenplay is lucid & vivid that makes the viewing enjoyable & less stenuous. The narration is so lively and close-to-heart. Especially the way Sethupathi character is etched out, is outrightly brilliant. If at all we enter into the movie hall with a preconceived notion that it maybe yet another masala potboiler donning the police jersey, with nothing much to look forward, we are deceived by 2 hours of engaging and brainy cinema.

Vijay Sethupathy adheres to all his usual ingredients from music to method of action scenes to the cavalcade of four wheelers to the structuring of sequences. He is known to string the various elements of commercial cinema viz. romance, action, sentiment and music in an entertaining fashion in his previous ventures and he does that with utmost ease. Especially the Vijay Sethupathy - Remya Nambeesan chemistry left us so 'awww'ing in most of the scenes. So bloody lovely!

This cop shall be remembered for years to come. What a flawless performer this guy has turned out to be. The way he weaves magic with his miniscule expressions steals the show BIG TIME! Such a charm! *_*

The movie was musically aided by a thumping background score by Nivas, though the songs could've been better (song montages were beautifully conceived though). The "Naan Raaja" song crooned by Anirudh couldn't have brought about in a better manner. Sheer goosebumps. Owned us completely!

Cinematography was at it's glossiest best while editing was crispy & uber-cool! Nothing much to complaint really.

One highly versatile cop movie that serves the family audience big time under the shades of a thriller, in the league of "Saamy", "Singam" after a long time. Watching a cop with maximum realism at the same time with utmost grace and charm in Tamil cinema is such a rarity these days. Go fall in love with this guy called "Sethupathi" :)

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