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Sillunu Oru Sandhippu

Sillunu Oru Sandhippu

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Directed by : Ravi Lallin

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Sillunu Oru Sandhippu is a romance-drama movie directed by Ravi Lallin and stars Vimal in the lead role


“The movie is pointless with poor casting, unintelligent script and bad direction. Skip it!”

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What Sandhippu are they referring to, again?

Rated 1.5 / 5
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Sillunu Oru Santhippu is one of those Ooty-Kodaikanal films which often gets telecast on KTV. The kind where Karthik/Prabhu Deva is the hero, Goundamani/Chinni Jayanth/Livingstone is his friend, Rambha/Kousalya is his love interest, there's a misunderstanding and then there's a large family to help him woo her. The sad part is Sillunu.. is not even half as good as those films.

Vimal meets Oviya. Highschool love blossoms. They get caught. Family pressure. They split. Life goes on. Vimal meets another girl. Falls in love. Girl finds out about his past 'crush' on their wedding day. Calls it off. Someone please stop me before I barf the entire story. This film speaks to dinosaurs who are still under the impression that "first love" is eternal or something. It will keep making you go, "Oh! So you finally realised that! Good for you."

In one particularly hilarious scene, Vimal and Dipa Shah are walking around, discussing how their relationship is at such a great place. Suddenly, we see a bunch of rowdies chasing a guy. The guy grabs Dipa Shah, puts a knife to her neck, gropes and feels every last inch of her body under the pretext of protecting himself. Vimal keeps looking on as all this happens. After a few seconds, Dipa Shah pushes the guy away, and he falls and injures himself. Now what would you expect Vimal to do/say? He can either beat up the rowdies like in any normal masala film or he can console his girlfriend. You know what he does? He asks his girlfriend why she pushed the groper away, since he was *just* trying to protect himself. I give you Sillunu Oru Sandhippu, ladies and gentlemen.

Sillunu Oru Santhippu occasionally raises some mildly interesting points about relationships which I agree with. But it is very preachy while doing so. Characters give each other huge lectures about what works in a relationship and what doesn't. Even if we choose to ignore the patronizing attitude and begin to appreciate for, however clumsily, trying to go inch deeper into dynamics of a modern relationship, it again throws some pedestrian female-bashing views at us.

The film is replete with certain unfunny relationship-related gags which were outdated even when I was in high-school. Like hot coffee being a euphemism for sex. This film is so crass I am shocked it got away with a U certificate. That's the thing about Film Certification in India. They have no issue with vulgar objectification of women but immediately raise hell when the film crosses an imaginary line. The film throws aside whatever little story it has to focus on random dancers with bare cleavage. The camera, here, is obsessed with Oviya's boobs. Oh shoot. I said the B word.

Vimal is terribly miscast. He is too old to pull off the school-boy scenes and too, for want of a better word, local to portray someone who returns to India after having lived for five years in the States. There are aruva-wielding rowdies too! Oh yes, there are. So many of them. In a frickin' Rom-Com.

Hey! Do not spend your Valentine's Day watching this movie. I repeat. Do not watch this movie. Unless you are intent on getting dumped, please don't. Pick up a DVD of The Apartment or something.

P.S. Dear director, you deserve some kind of an award for shooting portions of the film in some foreign locale and passing it off as Chennai. That has to be a first in Tamil film history.

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