Singam 2

Singam 2

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Directed by : Hari

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“Singam 2 is definitely not as good as its prequel. It is a half baked action entertainer with overcrowded cast and a bad screenplay. Give it a miss. ”

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Suriya's Singam 2 is just a couple of notches better than brother Karthi's Alex Pandian. With nearly half a dozen villains, each of them more forgettable than the next, the story has enough to keep Suriya running throughout what feels like 4-5 hours of runtime. He runs. He shouts at bad guys. Runs again. Tells bad guys about the power of Indian police. Then runs some more. What I cannot believe is that the film is *just* 166 minutes long. I attended an 8:30 AM screening and was half-expecting the sky to be dark by the time I walked out.

Picking up where the first film left off, Singam 2 starts with Durai Singam working undercover on a case assigned to him by Home Minister Vijayakumar. After publicly stepping down from his post, he now works as a PT master (okay, NCC teacher) in a school - much to his father's dismay - who now refuses to let him marry Kavya (Anushka). I have not watched Singam 2, but if I had, I probably would have been even more disappointed. Sequels are a rare breed in Tamil cinema and it annoys me to no end when I think how good this film could have been. Instead of focussing solely on a cop trying to bring down a drug empire, Hari needlessly creates a silly rift between Durai Singam and Kavya to milk some more melodrama. Hari also introduces a new romantic interest in Shakti (Hansika), a student at the school Singam works at. There's nothing wrong with the inclusion of romance itself, but the entire subplot involving Hansika is as dull as you would expect. Thankfully, there are no songs picturised on them.

With countless number of scenes, each one short in length, Hari creates an illusion that the film is flying at a breakneck speed. As the story zig-zags and takes unimaginable turns, a part of us constantly thinks the movie is going somewhere. But the end result is a laboriously convoluted tale which soon becomes unbearable to sit through. From Chennai to Thuthukudi to somewhere in Kerala to somewhere in South Africa, the film is a nonstop nonsense. The muddled screenplay which, at times, makes little to no sense probably may have worked if Hari weren't so aesthetically stunted. He understands how songs can be a real hindrance to pace and keeps them far and few. But the look and feel of the film is so dull and unimaginative, if you show it to a person who has woken up from a coma after 10 years and tell him that this movie released in 2003, that person is very likely to believe.

Another reason why Singam 2 becomes so damn uninvolving is that the villains, though large in number, are very meek and ineffective. Hari attempts something different by throwing an African drug lord (who still dances to Black Eyes Peas) in the mix, but it only leads to laughs. Suriya turns Durai Singam into an over-the-top, trigger-happy Chulbul Pandey-ish figure with a penchant for making noise. He screams so much that it is a miracle he doesn't pop a few veins here and there. The entire Operation D sequence where Singam asks Home Minister Vijayakumar for ten new privileges is just about ridiculous. He guns down people as he pleases without a worry about the repercussions. Sorry, but I like my cop stories with a bit of realism.

The film has Santhanam and Vivek for the sake of humor (because god forbid a filmmaker makes a movie without a comedic actor.) While Santhanam is okay as usual, it made me a bit sad to see Vivek get used like some lesser known junior artist. I don't know if it is just me but I don't remember a more lazy, lifeless looking actress than Anushka. She sleepwalks through whatever little she has to do in the film.

Let's just hope there won't be a Singam 3.