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Directed by : Sathyasiva

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Sivappu is an Tamil film directed by Sathyashiva and produced by Muktha Films and 'Punnagai Poo' Gheetha. The film features Naveen Chandra and Rupa Manjari in the lead roles, with N. R. Raghunanthan composing the film's music.


“Sivappu doesn't stand out in any way.”

Sivappu Credit & Casting

Naveen Chandra

Sivappu Audience Review

Does not create the needed impact.

| by Rakesh Reddy |
Rated 2.0 / 5
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Sivappu, which means red and signifies suffering and as far as the title is concerned, its a perfect fit for this film. The film deals with a sensitive subject, the Sri Lankan tamils and their sufferings. The film does not get too deep into their lives but wandered randomly with comedy and love, so at end of day, you don't care a damn.

Its about how a group of Sri Lankan refugees escape from a base camp and end up working in a construction company. Love booms between a couple in the work site and they try to elope. The big daddy of the group tries to unite them with the help of a shady minister. The minister tries to make use of this sensitive issue and win the election.

I have to appreciate the director for touching a uber sensitive topic but does not dig further. Instead he took help of love and comedy, that took the focus from the core plot. The plot is predictable as well as two paced. He should have given importance to core plot and central character, Konaar, which was performed to perfection by Raj Kiran. Cinematography was brilliant, especially with the color tones to portray the construction site. Editing was choppy as the screenplay lacked a proper vision. Songs act as speed breaker in an already confusing film.

Performances wise, the film does well. The director took good care with the Sri Lankan accent and the lip sync. Rupa Manjari was too good. Naveen Chandran came up with an equally brilliant performance. Rajkiran was awesome as always with his subtle and natural performance. But he didn't get more screen time to make an impact.

Sivappu is a decent one time watch for its careful handling of a sensitive subject but it will not stay in your mind for long.

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